Dressing for spring weather cycling isn’t always straightforward. Where in winter the “warm and waterproof” approach is likely to be a hit, and in summer “light and breathable” goes down a treat – spring can be a fickle season. Changeable weather, which can be warm and sunny one day, and not far above zero (but […]

Many of us remember our first bike fondly. While it might be a stretch to say that one well selected bike will turn fledging peddlers into lifelong cyclists, getting it right first time can certainly make the difference between a positive early experience, and a negative one. How have children’s bikes changed? Firstly – adults’ […]

With summer on the way, warmer mornings and sunny evenings, cycling to work is a great way to cut down on ‘dead time’ spent on public transport or behind the wheel of a car. The government Cycle to Work scheme means that provided your employer is signed up to a scheme, you can probably pay […]

Have you ever wondered what it is that makes Team Sky so strong? It’s not just the  hours of daily training, naturally athletic physiology, expertly planned race tactics and input from excellent sports scientists… It’s the little things, as they’ve explained in a series of videos. Team Sky riders, chefs and mechanics have worked together […]

The newest GPS computer from market leaders Garmin is now available to order. The Garmin Edge 1000 is the youngest but most advanced computer in the Edge line up. Following the 500 and 800, this Edge has taken the range into a new bracket, and the new GPS pairs with Garmin Connect to give you […]

The cycling season of 2014 is hotting up, and lots of riders are getting onto their bikes – either for the first time, for the first time in a long time, or in order to rack up more miles, and faster. Starting our riding, or increasing the distances, can lead to a steep learning curve, […]

Dear Rider We are sorry to inform you we have been forced to cancel this weekend’s mountain bike Ride it! event which was scheduled to be held in Milton Keynes on Saturday the 12th of April, and replace this with a second sportive road ride. All pre-registered mountain bike riders will receive a full refund […]

Here at Evans Cycles, we believe that cycling to work is the best way to get there. We’re always keen to help people on their way by making it easy to access and maximise the benefits of the government cycle to work scheme. We run our own tax free bike programme, Ride2Work, but we also […]

Last month we took it off-road with 8 lucky customers who all won the chance to test out the new range of Norco Mountain bikes, accompanied by expert MTB coaches in the Afan forest. The lucky riders were the victors of our #ILoveMyNorco competition, having sent in pictures of rides on their own trusty Norco […]

The cycling community is vast, and made up of an array of colourful personalities, which can be loosely slotted into tribes. Though in some cases, members of these tribes do not always mix when placed in close proximity to one another; the truth is that they are all united by one love. We know we […]