There are a few hardcore riders who slog it out 12 months a year, but for many people, the biggest gains in fitness are to be made over summer – when the sun is shining and the rain is mainly staying away.

Getting fitter definitely means feeling better, inside and out – and you’ll notice the effects both on and off the bike.

Here are 10 signs all the summer cycling is taking it’s toll, in a good way:


1) You get to spend longer in bed, because it doesn’t take you as long as it used to do to cycle to work










2) You’re enjoying ‘Congratulations on your QOM/KOM’ emails more often than ‘UH-OH..’ emails

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3) You can still talk to your once ‘super fit’ riding buddy – and no, they haven’t got slower








4) You don’t have to spend your entire Saturday afternoon totalled on the sofa. In fact, you can even enjoy a long ride on Saturday AND pop out for some more miles on Sunday


5) You’ve got muscles appearing in places you didn’t know they existed

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6) You are starting to include the words ‘hill’ and ‘enjoy’ close together















7) The jeans you told yourself had ‘shrunk in the wash’ have become remarkably unshrunken…












8) You add extra miles onto the routes that once had you on your knees












9) PB. That is all. (Personal Best, not Peanut Butter).

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10) You’re smiling whilst reading this, and can’t wait to get back on your bike later today.