This month we’ll be giving you the chance to ask industry experts your questions about cycling.

We host a question and answer session on our Facebook page nearly every week day, but in February, we’ll be handing the Facebook microphone to some very exciting industry experts.

The star studded line-up includes:

 *** Team Net-App Endura’s Erick Rowsell ***

 *** Six Time Olympic Champion, Sir Chris Hoy ***

 *** BMC’s Head of Development, Stefan Christ ***

 ***High5 Nutritionalist, Mick Atkinson ***


Our Questions and Answer sessions will begin at 1pm on each Friday of the month – here’s a short bio on everyone who will be involved, and when you can catch them:

Erik, aka Ricky, Rowsell

Pro rider Erik Rowsell will be on hand

Pro rider Erick Rowsell will be on hand

Erick became a professional cyclist in 2012 – he raced with Team Net-App Endura in 2013 and will stay with the team for 2014, too. The 23 year old is an all-rounder who won the Tour de Normandie in 2012, showing he can both win races and be counted on as support. A calm and relaxed person, he’s popular within the team.  Erick will be on hand to answer questions you have about professional road racing, and winter base training.

Speak to Erick on our Facebook page on 7th February, 1pm.

Sir Chris Hoy

Sir Chris will be on hand to answer your questions

Sir Chris will be on hand to answer your questions

Sir Chris hardly needs an introduction. Six time Olympic champion and eleven time World Champion, Sir Chris is a track cycling legend. Following his retirement, he went on to launch the HOY bike brand, with assistance from Evans Cycles’ exclusive bike designer, James Olsen. As Sir Chris says himself: “Cycling has been and will always be my world – I just love to ride” – and he’ll be on hand to answer any questions you have about bike design or cycling.

Take the opportunity to chat to Sir Chris on Valentine’s Day, 14th February, at 12pm, via our Facebook page.

Stafan Christ, Head of Development at BMC


BMC create bikes designed with pure passion, and race tested by professionals from the BMC Racing Team. The Swiss brand defines itself as driven by precision, style and a love of riding. We’ve got the pleasure of inviting Stafan Christ, who is the Head of Development at one if the most innovative bike brands around.

Log on to our Facebook page to talk to Stefan on 21st February, at 1pm.

High5 Nutritionist, Mick Atkinson


High5 is run by athletes, for athletes. The brand are constantly researching and testing their products, running studies with universities and leading research groups to create prodcuts, and testing them at over 150 sporting events in the UK. Mick from High5 will be on hand to answer your questions regarding fuling your ride, and getting the right foods in after your event to aid recovery.

Speak to Mick on Friday, 28th February, at 1pm on our Facebook page.