Who else can you turn to when it comes to bike cleaning than Muc-Off? Muc-Off’s Alex Trimnell talks about bike cleaining in his guest post below.

Well good bike care is so much more than just making your bike look shiny and new again (although that’s good too!), basically if you care for your bike it will care for you.
If your bike is poorly maintained or if you use incorrect cleaners, protectants or lubes then your bike will be highly inefficient which means you will use more energy than is needed. Also parts will wear out much faster and in turn this will hit your wallet!
If followed correctly a good bike care regime doesn’t have to be time consuming. Muc-Off have developed a ‘day to day care guide’ and also a thorough ‘full service care regime’ that they recommend is carried out once a month. Then for day to day care just do a quick clean, protect and lube and your bike will stay looking shiny and new and be much more efficient and enjoyable to ride, not to mention that parts will last longer too!

A lot of people ask why they have to buy a specific bike cleaner and not just washing up liquid? In general washing up liquid contains a high level of salt which is highly corrosive for a bicycle and its bearings and moving parts. Using Muc-Off nano tech bike cleaner ensures your bearings and pivots will not have any protective grease removed from them and at the same time their bike cleaner will lift dirt and grime from microscopic crevices on the bikes surface and make dirt removal much easier, resulting in far less scrubbing! Muc-Offs’ bike cleaner also has integral corrosion inhibitors which will ensure that components and finishes are guarded against any damage during or after cleaning. A thin nano layer coating also ensures that dirt removal is easier the next time you wash the surface.

Over 18 years of development has gone into the Muc-Off formula and product range and in our mind is hands down the most developed bike cleaner and care range on the planet! Their exhaustive R&D is extensive for each and every one of their formulas, hence they own all of their formula intellectual property (this is something that many other care brands cannot claim as many of them use off the shelf ‘general purpose’ formulas or are mass produced by major manufacturers who are not focused on the bicycle market!). Muc-Off only make products for Muc-Off! This ensures you get the best possible experience and performance with each and every one of their products!

Please follow the step by step guides below to ensure you have a clean and happy bike.
Happy riding!

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Day-to-day Cleaning Guide
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