At Evans Cycles we sell “real bikes for real riders” – whatever their age. That means quality bicycles that will stand the test of time, and when choosing a proper kids bike, it’s important to make sure it fits the rider.


If you’re looking to treat a little one with a brand new bike this Christmas – we applaud your decision! A new bike can provide a child with hours and hours of fun, as well as giving them plenty of exercise and developing their coordination.

We’ve hand picked some of out best children’s bikes here and provided a break down of wheel sizes with recommended age groups. To help you to make the right decision, here are some more tips on picking a children’s bike for Christmas:

Staying in control

Though it may take away some of the Christmas day surprise factor, the best way to work out the size your child needs is to get them sitting on the bike itself – and riding it if that’s possible and safe – to see how they feel.

We offer test rides at all of our stores, and you can order in any bike we have in stock to test out.

Our children’s bike buyer has explained why fit is so important:

“A bike that is too big will reduce safety in the form of control. This could have a detrimental effect on their enjoyment and outlook on bikes. The seed has then been planted and could result in a ‘fear’ or avoidance of bikes in later life.

“As a kid you are exposed to more challenges and learning, if you suffer a setback or bad experience, you may well avoid that situation in future therefore a fear has manifested.”

Child development

When buying a child’s bike, it’s important to think about longevity, especially if you might want to pass the bike down through future generations. A good quality bike will provide a more enjoyable riding experience, through being lighter and more carefully crafted to cater for a child.

Adults’ bikes are evolving all the time and the same is true for their smaller stable-mates. Good quality bikes are lighter, making them more enjoyable for children to ride, and the gearing, frame and components are usually more durable. We pride ourselves on selling bikes that are built to the same standard as adults might expect, giving children a good start in their riding careers.

One really important piece of advice we want to pass on is that though it might seem cost effective to buy a bike for your child to ‘grow into’ – a bike that is too large simply won’t be fun to ride, and might actually end up gathering dust.

We sell some high quality children’s bikes, like this one from Pinnacle


When buying a Christmas bike, it’s really important to remember some of the necessary accessories to ensure your child has a fun and safe ride.

Even the best of us fall off from time to time, and any self-respecting adult rider knows the importance of strapping a lid on. So, the first accessory you should think of is a helmet.

All our bikes come fitted with reflectors – and bells to warn other road users of their presence. However, got added visibility, we also sell hi-vis wear.

Your child can cycle in any suitable outdoors clothing, but you can make them more comfortable, or just help them feel the part, with our specially designed children’s cycling clothing – we sell everything from mitts to shorts and jerseys.

We sell Altura jersey’s just for kids


We wish you all the best with your Christmas present shopping. If we can help, come into one of our stores, or call our contact centre on 01293 574900.

Happy shopping!