Promises have been made and promises have been broken – let’s see how we did last week.

Nick Jenkins: Must do better!! Another bad week. All I did was ride my downhill bike on Saturday. So probably rode about 5 miles down and 5 miles pushing my 39lbs DH bike back up the hill. Plan for this week; got to do some road miles and not get distracted by BBQ’s and beer.

Mike Tomsett: I have to admit that after being quite up for it the 1st week I was a bit more lax on the 2nd. I only managed one day commuting by bike during the week and due to the weather didn’t really fancy another. Thankfully things brightened up for the weekend so I did manage to get out for a ride on Saturday. Only 20 miles but that was more than enough for me at this stage in the training! I’m now hoping that I’ll get back on track for week 3.

Neil Fitton: Week 2 had to be better than week 1 ! ......Not a lot ! after the weekend at Bike Radar Live we were all pretty tired and so I concentrated on SLEEP !!! did manage to ride to work 3 times and did a long ride home on Wednesday where I attacked the hills and felt really good, Thursday consisted of a 3 hr MTB ride in the Surrey Hills on my New Lapierre Zesty 514 it ! and again felt good and attacked the hills just to maximise the training as I knew I wouldn't be able to ride at the weekend. So all in all I am behind on the 6 week plan but going to make up for it over the final 4 weeks .....

Balint Hamvas: I could blame many factors for the the low mileage but there is only one to blame: me. I tried to recover from Bikeradar on Monday and Tuesday, then spent three days in France at the Tour de France and the week was over already. All I managed was a trip to a couple of friends in North London - gotta do better next week, this won't result in a sub-40 time when we will do your second benchmark ride after 6 weeks.