We have all seen in these articles in various fitness and lifestyle magazines, that promises that if you follow their training plan, you could be superfit in 6 weeks. We had a similar article in our spring catalogue and I thought it might be fun to try it out: could it make me fitter in 6 weeks? If yes, how much change would occur? So I set out to follow the plan for 6 weeks but doing it on my own would have been way less fun, so I asked around the office if anyone fancied joining. There were three brave souls who joined the Chubby Squad to get fitter in six weeks.

We have a test loop that starts at the Evans Cycles head office, near Crawley, it’s 14.5 mile long and contains a couple of smaller climbs and a couple of descents, accordingly. All four of us set out to benchmark our performance – we will do everything according to the training plan from our Spring catalogue and we’ll see in six weeks how much progress we will have made. Without further ado, the four riders:

Balint Hamvas, Community Manager: The last couple of months have been pretty hectic and I used all sorts of excuses why to skip a ride – and now I have to face the consequences every morning in front of the mirror. I hope I will be able to go back to a training regime and do longer riders more regularly, not just when I leave my wallet at home and am forced to cycle back home.

Mike Tomsett, Content Coordinator: As the self confessed 'unfittest' of the office I'm usually the one to decline a longer ride, however I do try to commute by bike a couple of days a week, but at about 8 miles each way it's not what I'd call a proper work out. Hopefully I can use this to get a bit more 'in shape' rather than the round shape I am at the moment!

Neil Fitton, Head of Marketing: After riding my bike 5000 miles across the USA last year I came back to the UK and enjoyed too much wine and good food in the ensuing 6 months !! After starting my dream job as Head of Marketing for Evans being around all these amazing bikes and some damn fit riders I have vowed to justify the purchase of a very good road bike by getting fit again ....... and crushing my fellow guinea pigs in the final fitness test !!!

Nick Jenkins, E-commerce Executive: I spent most of the winter and spring riding at every possible opportunity, but since May I have been extremely lax about exercise, only riding at the weekends and then only downhill or dirt jumps. The problem is I‘m still eating the same amount I was when I was riding everyday and it’s starting to show on the waistline. I hope this will get me back into the routine of road and XC riding in the week and drop the extra weight I have gained.

We’ll post a catch-up every monday to see how the previous week went and whether anyone finds it difficult (or not) to follow the plan.