New Years Day is always big milestone in our lives and we have a tendency to come up with all sort of new year’s resolutions. Some people promise to quit smoking, others commit to read more books and most of us cyclists, well, we pledge that we will ride more, ride further, ride harder and ride more often. But it’s hard to change habits overnight so most of the time these commitments die away in a couple weeks or a couple of months at best.

Evans Cycles is trying to get you in gear and help you to ride more in 2012 and we put together a couple of things in the next couple of weeks/months to help you and inspire you to do more riding. We are all keen cyclists here, at Evans Cycles and quite a few of us ride to work almost every day, even during winter, so I asked around for winter riding and training tips and I’ve got some great responses, a blogpost next week will go into more detail about that. Eating and staying hydrated is also key, so we will talk about that too and as many find analysing data about their ride motivating, we’ll have a look at the best gadgets that will help you to make the most of your ride.

But wait, there is more! We all need rewards after long training rides – and we offer a wicked reward! One lucky winner and a friend will win a trip to Majorca from the 17th to the 20th of February to train with the Raleigh Team! All you have to do is enter here and tell us a little about yourself – no purchase necessary!

We are also inviting you to share your favourite ride with us! To prove you’re out and riding, go to our Facebook page, click on the ‘Get in Gear Photo Contest‘ tab and just send us your riding photos. We’re giving away a High5 goody bundle every day and we will select the best picture and send the winner a free energy boosting prize – a Garmin Edge 200, courtesy of Garmin, our RideIt partner.