January and February are the least inspiring part of the year, at least from a cyclist’s point of view. The weather is cold and miserable, it is often difficult to invoke enough motivation for a long training ride or even the regular commute on a particularly bleak morning.

But then there is YOU, the rider who keeps on pushing the pedals, who keeps on riding over this dreary part of the year. Cyclists who are not deterred by cold, wind, rain or even snow.

So we thought: let’s celebrate those who keep on riding over winter.

In order to do so, we have prepared a few things for you. We have asked a few people to give us advice on winter riding. We know it’s been winter a while and you probably know what you’re doing, so we’re focusing on more advanced and detailed advice on training, clothing and gear. Expect some gems from Sir Chris Hoy, too.  View all offers & advice here.

Then we’ll present you with great deals on autumn and winter gear. By now, probably quite a few pieces of your winter riding kit are pretty knackered so we’ll help you to replace those and maybe even upgrade a few old, trusted but slightly outdated items.

While we’re at it, let’s talk about upgrades. Riding during winter simply eats your bike away, so chances are certain parts of your bike need some TLC. We’ll have great servicing offers and we will cover the topic of advanced upgrades for your bike – if you splash some money on some bike bling, why not optimise it and spend the money where you’ll feel the most improvement?

Last but definitely not least we’ll have a nice little surprise for those of you with a creative streak but we’ll talk about it in detail a bit later on.

Enjoy the Ride.

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