The summer season has ended and next year’s bikes are beginning to appear in our stores and online, meaning that if you shop smart, now is the perfect time to pick up a great deal.  

We’ve still got plenty of 2013 clearance bikes that are just as amazing as they were when you were lusting over them at the start of the year, but now they’re great value for money, too.

This BMC PR02 was reduced by 40% at time of blogging

Here’s our advice for ensuring you get the most from the bike offers we’ve got available now:

1)      Don’t take your time.

Stock is limited. If you see something you like that is in the right size for you, do order it in for a test ride or snap it up as soon as you can.

2)      Make sure it fits

If the bike does not fit, you will not enjoy riding it. Don’t force yourself into buying a bike that is too big because the price is small, or a bike that is too small because the discount is large. There are plenty more bikes out there. For some guidance on getting a bike that fits you – check out our sizing guide.

3)      Look at specifications carefully

 Some brands are more expensive than others – work out what components you’re looking for and choose the bike at the best price. A 20% discount on an originally expensive bike might not be better value than 10% off a more competitively priced brand.

4)      Compare components on bikes from different years.

If you're going to use wheels you already have, don't pay extra for 2014 rims

If you’re trying to make your mind up between this year’s model, and the older version – make sure you check what the differences in specification actually are. The upgrades on this year’s new model might not be important to you – for example if the 2014 version has better wheels, but you intend on using an upgraded set you already have, the discounted 2013 might be a wise choice for you.

5)      Do your research

The beauty of buying one of last year’s bikes will be that plenty of people will have had the chance to get some good long rides in, and they will definitely have formed an opinion. Check out the ‘customer reviews’ on our website, and search magazines and websites to find out if your potential new bike scored well.

6)      BUT: add salt to reviews

When reading reviews in magazines and on websites, remember that the bike was assessed with its original price. If the writer had been reviewing the steed at its discounted price, it might have got a better rating.

7) Check out ex- demo bikes

We try to avoid ever damaging bikes in our warehouse, but sometimes it happens. When we get bikes that have little scratches on them, or signs of use, we sell them as ‘ex-demo’ or ‘soiled’. These bikes might have a small amount of cosmetic damage, dirty handlebar tape or tyres – but they’re still amazing bikes and this is a great chance to get a good deal. The bikes are all here, and in all cases, we explain the damage and provide photographs, so you know what you’re getting.

8)      Accessorise


A comfy saddle will be worth the spend


Don’t spend all the money you had saved on the bike alone – hold some back for accessories to make sure you will be comfortable riding it. A saddle that is compatible with your rear end and a lock that will keep the bike safe are two examples of valuable extras that will make or break your ride. We’ve got some good deals on clothing and components, as well.

9)      Test it out

You can test ride a bike in any of our stores – and it’s the best way to decide if a bike is definitely the right one for you.

 10) Enjoy your shopping, and ask for help if you need it.

We hope you enjoy your bargain hunting. We are always here to help if you have any questions, just get in touch with us at the contact centre, or pop into a store for some advice.