Last week we hosted a live question and answer session with Erick Rowsell, who races with Team Net-App Endura. The team have just been invited to the Tour de France, 2014, so this is an exciting time for Erik and his colleagues.

You guys came up with some great questions, which Erick answered with some interesting responses – here’s a look at some of the queries you had:

John is a returning cyclist looking to build up his mileage and Erick suggested a gradual build up. We’d also like to add that a great way to build up those miles in a friendly and supported environment is to enter one of our RideIt! events – these sportives (and off road rides) are a great opportunity to accumulate some miles, knowing that feed stations and mechanical support are supplied. And the route is mapped out for you, so you can guarantee an interesting course that you don’t need to worry about planning.

100 miles

Lee is also wanting to build up his mileage, and our suggestion remains the same..

pru 100

Adrian asked about balance, and Erick responded with some tips on core training, and also suggested using rollers more often. Core training is important and will help to keep your body strong, whilst riding the rollers will develop balance and core strength. For some tips on getting started on rollers, check out our blog “Learn how to ride on the rollers“.


Adam wanted to know what what the difference is between tubular tyres and clinchers. Tubular tyres are often faster rolling and lighter, but if you puncture they’re a bit more difficult to fix, so clincher tyres are usually used for training. We’ve got a great deal of choice available – so take a look at our selection of wheels.

clincher vs tub

Helen had another question about wheels - and Erick responded that some deep section, light carbon wheels, would probably have a notable effect..

deep sections

Of course, the tyres on the wheels are just as important, and Erick recommended Vittoria tyres all the way..


We saw quite a few questions about riding up hills, and into headwinds. Erik was all about finding a rhythm, and just keeping up the hard work..

Erik Q+A

Erik had a couple of questions about training with power. More and more people are starting to use power meters, and we’ve put together a blog post called “Training with power: Why, What and How” to help you out if you’re considering making the leap.

turbo power


Injury can be really frustrating, but Erik advised taking some time off to recover, and spending some time in the gym to build up strength and keep fit, if possible…


Ed wanted to know how much a pro cyclist would eat and drink on a normal 4-5 hour ride. Erik suggested an energy bar or similar every hour – so if you’ll be out on a long ride soon, check out our range of nutrition products to keep you fueled..

long ride food

Bob has been hitting the protein, and Erik said a bit of weight gain can be helpful if it increases power, and you’re not aiming to be a specialist at climbing..

protein weight gain

Another Facebook follower asked about sprinting, and Erick said it was best to mix it up and practice on all terrains..


Winter training and kit requirements came up, too, and Erick stuck by Endura, who make racing and training kit for the team-  you can see the range of Endura cycling kit here.

winter training


We hope you enjoyed quizzing Erick. Over the course of February, we’re hosting Facebook question and answer sessions with Sir Chris Hoy, Stefan Christ, the Head of Design at BMC, and a High5 nutritionalist - follow us to make sure you get involved next time around.