Are you looking to achieve peak performance in a few weeks time? Then we have what you need…

Thanks to our friends at Triathlete Europe, we can offer you a 12-week Olympic training plan that will ensure you optimum results in limited time. It will help you boost your speed and strength, and take your training to the next level.

Created by Tim Crowley, a USAT level 3 coach, this 12-week training plan involves many of the principles used to coach athletes to world and national championships as well as ITU podiums. It is designed for triathletes who have completed several races and want to improve performance yet have limited training time.

The plan is based on three basic intensities that will help you develop specific aspects of your fitness:
- Easy, which is aerobic and relaxed. When in doubt, slower is better.
- Race pace, which is your current or projected race intensity or speed.
- Fast or max, which is the highest pace or intensity you can sustain for the given set. This requires real focus.
You can estimate the intensity using the description provided or use your own heart-rate or power meter monitor.

With this format, you have four three-week blocks, all with a different emphasis to get you ready for your race:
Week 1 to 3: Speed development
Week 4 to 6: Specific Strength
Week 7 to 9: Race Pace Training
Week 10 to 12: Race Taper

The way the training is organized along the week doesn’t vary much so you can fin a pattern that suits you. Now all you have to do is go out and start training.

Get ready for your next Olympic-distance challenge now