We’ve put together a selection of guides to help keep you riding through the change of the seasons.

Here is our MTB advice, but if you’re a multi-discipline rider or thinking about trying something new, why not check out our advice on road riding and commuting in autumn. Or for some general autumn bike servicing advice, click here.


Tyres: The falling leaves will make the trails slippery, so it’s time to take off the fast rolling summer-style tyres and put on something with a bit more grip. There are intermediate steps to take before you end up with a full-on mud tyre.

Hands: Unfortunately the new season brings back the colder mornings. A pair of Windstopper gloves will save you on those chilly starts.

Feet: A good pair of thick merino or waterproof socks are a sensible choice. Nothing worse than cold feet. Nothing.

Mudguards: Mountain biking outside Summer is about getting muddy, wet and having fun. However, getting dirt and water in your face is anything but. Try a Neoguard that mounts on the forks – it will stop the spray and not make your bike look like a hybrid. Or for the more simple mudguards have a look here.

Glasses: A set of clear or yellow-tinted glasses will keep any water or dirt out of your eyes. I spent 3 hours in A&E after a wet ride when I forgot my glasses last season: I managed to get some grit on my eyeball!

Waterproof shorts: Amazing piece of kit. Waterproof shorts keep you dry and comfortable all day.

Waterproof jacket: A good lightweight packable jacket is crucial. You start the ride with it on and can easily pack it away when the sun’s out.


Cleaning products: Stock up on cleaning products for the Autumn. The Summer has been kind to my mountain bike this year but it’ll change. Always clean your bike after every wet ride no matter how tired you are: it will save you a lot in replacement parts.

Nutrition: Your body burns more fuel during Autumn both on and off the bike, so don’t skimp on those bars and gels for you and your less prepared mates.

Phone case: Make sure you use a sealable case your mobile phone. Nothing worse than dropping your phone or getting dirt all over it.


Mark Lee
Gatwick Store Manager & Lover of Mud