We love this video collaboration from NSMB.com and IFHT“How to Be a Road Cyclist”:

In fact – we loved it so much, we came up with some of our own signs you’ve become a hardcore roadie. 

Here are some of our favourite markers of the roadie:

1)      You go to the sort of parties where unrecognised guests are introduced as follows: “This is So-and-So who I work with – he doesn’t cycle – but he does play hockey.” Everyone in the room smiles, nods and frantically tries to think back to their school PE lessons hoping they remember what hockey involves.

2)      Pictures of you appear on social media at an event or function not in lycra, and concerned friends email you to ensure you are not injured, or perhaps having some sort of crisis.

3)     You’re moving house. And you’ve already discussed with your partner “well- it’s at the bottom of a huge hill – which may be an issue during winter base training or on recovery days, but we’ll get better at climbing.”


4)      You’ve had a straight faced conversations with a friend about your feelings towards menthol in chamois cream.

5)      You remember the locations of pubs, towns and significant buildings by which Strava segments are close by, and which recent rides took you past the place in question.

6)  You sometimes feel the need to make the Garmin ‘autostop bleep’ noise when stopping at traffic lights in your car.


7)      The word ‘drill’ no longer bears any relation to a commonly used electric tool, ‘smash’ does not mean to crush, and to ‘drop someone’ is classed as a massive achievement.


8)      Your friends enjoying buying you cake, and loading extra helpings onto your plate over a meal is not always a sign of goodwill – in fact, the generosity is often preceded by: “Here… this will slow you down next season”, followed by a devilish smile and a cheeky cackle.

9)      You have a draw full of punctured inner tubes you have every intention of patching at some point, and another one compete with enough CO2 canisters to make it look like an army artillery storage area.


10)    Your very best friends are the ones who have shared endless giggles with you over the sheer lunacy of freezing cold winter rides, the ones who have stood by you as you exploded multiple inner tubes in the rain – they’re the ones who saw your most intense moments of exhaustion, and celebrated with you when it all paid off.