Spring is just around the corner, the mercury is slowly but constantly rising, we get more and more sunshine and it prompts more and more people to realize that they have got a bike, somewhere in the back of the shed/garage/basement and it’s waiting for to be ridden. So let’s jump onto those neglected saddles and push those abandoned pedals. But before you do that, make sure that your steed is up for the job.

If you ride regularly, you notice that something is not working properly on the bike, but if you haven’t ridden your bike during the winter months, it needs a little TLC (tender loving care) before you hit the road. We have put together a quick list of the things you need to check before you leave for that ecstatic first ride of the season.

1. Check tyres are not perished and rotten after the winter, inflate to normal riding pressure (normally found on sidewall of tyre) and check wheel nuts or quick release levers are tightened sufficiently.

2. De-dust& wipe down braking surface on wheels and check wheel trueness.

3. Pull brake levers to check performance, (you will probably need to stop at some point on your ride) adjust barrel adjuster(s) if fitted to increase brake lever feel (if required)

4. Wipe chain with an old rag to remove any dust and fairy fluff, then apply a small amount of chain oil.

5. Check all bolts are suitable tightened (see your owners manual for specific details) check nothing is loose, broken or rattling around – this is not normal.

6. Get your riding gear together not forgetting essentials such as puncture repair kit, pump & helmet. Multi tools are always handy, water bottles – filled with your favourite drink (not vodka) and don’t forget those cool sunglasses.

7. Remember take it easy for the first five minutes of riding until you are sure everything works as its supposed to. If it DOES NOT seek out your local bike shop who will be pleased to assist you.

You might also want to check out our video on how to clean your bike:

And here are 10 tools that will make preparing your bike for the first ride easier.

GT85 Spray Lubricant & Water Displacer The ultimate spray lube for all conditions
Park P02C Glueless Patch Kit Glueless puncture repair patches, simply pull the backing off ans stick
Lezyne Stainless 19 Multi Tool A light-weight CNC-machined multi tool of the highest quality
Weldtite Lithium Grease A multi-purpose bike grease for all those moving parts
Ice Toolz Two-Way Brush This double-sided brush is ideal for cleaning chains and cassettes
Ice Toolz 2-8mm Hex Key Set 7 piece allen key set with ball ends to help prefent rounding out
Finish Line 4 Oz Bottle Teflon Plus Perfect for both on and off-road riding and all weather conditions
Ice Toolz Essence Tool Kit High quality tools in a strong portable case, ideal for the home mechanic
Ice Toolz 15mm Pedal Spanner With an offset handle this spanner makes removing and fitting pedals easy
Muc-Off Bike Spray
The simple fast effective way to shift the muck and keep your bike clean

Hopefully, these steps will ensure that you have a nice and pleasant first ride this spring. See you on the road/trails!

GT85 Spray Lubricant & Water Displacer