It’s sale time. The red and white lettering is out. You can shop and buy sale items online here, and the deals will be unleashed in our stores on Saturday morning.

Waiting to buy your kit until the sale period is good way to shop intelligently – but it’s also really easy to be blinded by the ‘sale’ stickers and to purchase the wrong thing because it’s a good deal.

We’ve put together a Top 10 of Cycling Sale Tips to help you pick the right products, at the right prices.

1)      Get in quick

We’ll say this one first. We’ve had a lovely summer so far, and a star studded Tour de France that saw Britain’s Froome perform with excellent results. It’s been an amazing few months for cycling, and we’ve got quite a lot of new customers – so we’re expecting stock to fly off the shelves. Don’t wait too long as sizes are limited and you don’t want to miss out.

2)       Plan your shop
Before you storm the stores on a mad dash, go through the clothing you have, check out your bike for components that need a refresh – what do you actually need? It’s easy to see something on a good deal and buy it for that reason – but you’d be better filling a gap in your kit drawer. Make sure you enter a store or sit down at your computer with a clear list of what you’re looking for.

3)  Be honest
Is the item that’s got a high discount the right one for you? Sure, the jersey is reduced by 60%  – but anything you spend will still be a waste if it doesn’t fit and you never wear it. Getting the right item with just 20% off will be a better investment.

4)  Think ahead
So you’ve been buying summer kit for months, and maybe you’re thinking about preparing for the coming colder months? Don’t forget that the summer will be back and it’s worth stocking up so you don’t need to purchase at full price next year.

5)   Roll Over
If you’re browsing online, you can hover your mouse over “stock information” to see what sizes and colours we have – this saves you clicking back and forward between products.

6)  Check Bike Components

The ‘brand new’ model of the bike you want might have very similar components as last years, in a different colour scheme. Picking up last year’s model is a great way to get a quality bike at a good price – so think carefully and compare like for like.

7)  Don’t just go for the big %

Compare bikes against each other bearing in mind the components, and the sale price. A hugely reduced bike might still cost more than one with a smaller percentage off – and have the same or similar components for a smaller brand name. Shop with the facts.

8 ) Add salt to reviews

Reading reviews from magazines and websites is really helpful and a good way to aid an informed decision, but bear in mind that the review was written when the item was at full price – it may have got a better review at the sale price

9) Test It out

You can test ride any bike in one of our stores – and it’s the best way to decide if the bike is the one for you. If you’re shopping for clothing, you can order it to any store to try it on, and it’s worth doing so if you’re not completely sure on sizing

10)  Win It

Keep an eye on our Facebook page, get involved in one of our competitions, and you could win your kit at a 100% discount!

Now you’ve got the advice – check out the wonderful world of Sale online or visit one of our stores and get ready to hunt out the perfect bargain.