The cycling season of 2014 is hotting up, and lots of riders are getting onto their bikes – either for the first time, for the first time in a long time, or in order to rack up more miles, and faster.

Starting our riding, or increasing the distances, can lead to a steep learning curve, and there are some standard errors that are repeated over and over again. Knowing what they are is a good way to avoid making them.

Thankfully, the Global Cycling Network (GCN) put together a fantastic video highlighting some of the most common errors, and how to avoid them, last year. We thought it was so great, we might share it again:

Here’s a look at some of the common errors we reckon we can help you out with with:

Wearing underpants under cycling shorts is a common error, and it’s easy to avoid – just don’t wear underwear under cycling shorts. The chamois pad in cycling shorts is designed following research and testing, and wearing an extra layer undoes all this goodness. Teaming shorts with some chamois cream is another good way to make sure they do their job.

Not taking enough food or drink is another common mistake. Cycling can use up a lot of calories – this is great news if you want to shift a couple of pounds, but if you don’t keep your body fuelled, you will regret it. Take a look at our range of nutrition products, and remember that you’ll generally need electrolytes and carbohydrates during a ride, and if you’ve been on a long or hard ride, protein will help you to recover.

Not being prepared for mechanical failure is a rooky mistake. Mechanical errors are a pain, but with a little simple training, you can go out onto the road safely knowing that you can fix the little glitches you may face. We hold FixIt! classes in all stores, where you can learn the basics. Of course, taking a puncture repair kit or spare inner tube, and a pump, is a must.

Getting lost isn’t fun – and though we can’t be by your side during every ride, we do host organised and way marked rides across the country throughout the year. If you fancy coming along to an event where the route will be marked, and you’ll have feed stations and mechanical support, check out our RideIt! events.

Doing too much, too soon is another easy mistake to make, but our RideIt! events are perfect if you’re looking to gradually build up the distance – rides start at 15 miles, and our longest rides are over 100 miles of hilly terrain, so you can gradually progress from the shorter RideIt! events to challenge events, such as the infamous King of the Downs.

And forgetting to take your foot out of clipped in pedals? That’s just a right of passage – think of it as an initiation challenge, and smile – you’re part of the gang once you’ve done it…

Have you learned your lesson from any obvious mistakes? Tell us about it in the comments (we won’t laugh, promise, and you might be able to stop someone else doing the same!)