Last nights mega commute was a nice ride with the quiet bank holiday roads, but this time, we faced a new enemy – WIND!!…gusty, unpredictable, snatchy, energy sapping wind. So I asked around the team for some tips, here they are:

1. Ride behind someone else
2. Get a good pedalling rhythm
3. Get as low as possible, your frontal area slows you down
4. Turn your music up loud & don’t look at the speedo! (N.B, do not use earphones in towns, this is very dangerous for other road users!)
5. Knees as close together and hand close on the bars to avoid the drag
6. Forget deep section / disc wheels
7. Head out into the wind so the return leg is easier!
8. Try riding one gear lower and in the drops
9. Avoid carrying backpacks or wearing baggy clothing (Johan Van Summeren style skin suit anyone?)
10. And for mountain bikers – stay in the forest!

What tips do you have everyone? Let us know!