Last week, we held a question and answer session with Tim Atkinson, one of the directors at High5. The company is made up of athletes who know about the demands of  training and racing – and they test their theories and formula’s rigorously, working with universities and top class cyclists and triathlete’s.

Tim joined us on Facebook to answer any questions you had about nutrition for training – here’s a selection of them:

Richard wanted to understand why we have carbohydrates in recovery drinks, and Tim explained that endurance based, aerobic exercise often torches your carbohydrate stores, hence the need to replenish them after exercise:

carb in recovery

On a similar theme, Fisher just wanted to know what the benefits of a recovery drink were:


Robin wanted to know if it was safe to rely upon food provided by event organisers when he rides a stage of the Grande Fondo. High5 supply the nutrition products for our RideIt! events – and they go down a treat with most people – but as Tim explained, it’s always best to test products agree with you during training rides..

event food

John had an interesting question about maintaining good health when training with a struggling immune system, and Tim highlighted the importance of sleep, proper nutrition, and limiting stress..

immune system

David was having issues consuming enough calories – and Tim had some suggestions with regard to re-adjusting the training plan to cut out excess miles, and making sure to always include a recovery drink..


At the other end of the scale, Nick had reached a plateau in his weight loss, and wanted some advice… Tim’s suggestion of using a calorie counting app sounds like a great idea for anyone struggling to keep track of their eating..

not losing weight

Mark wanted some information about the differences between an isogel and an energy gel


Gareth was looking for some extra electrolytes on his ride, and wanted to know if he could mix it up – the answer was yes:

zero + energy

And Fiona wanted some advice on nutrition for children racing short events over long periods of time:

Capture2CaptureThroughout the Q+A, Tim sent some of you to the High5 nutrition guides – which provide detailed advice tailored to a number of sports over different distances.

If you’re looking to stock up, we currently have a 2 for 1 offer on mixed boxes of gels, that will be valid as long as stocks last…