We’ve got a whole load of new brands and products in this month, just in time for Christmas. Here is a quick highlight of some of the new goodies we now have in stock and in store! Blank With the popularity of cheaper, more affordable parts ranges like Xposure and Salt; we are now stocking […]

A couple of weeks ago our bike purchasing guys gave us a forecast of what they expect the  most popular kids and children’s bikes will be this Christmas. We picked their brains again, this time asking about BMX bikes. So here is the list of the BMX bikes they think will be the most popular! […]

The Bikes and Styles BMX bikes are pretty basic in their construction, and rely on the latest trends rather than the latest technologies to drive the sport. Yes, companies are pushing the limits as to how strong and light they can make the bikes, but getting the right style is the key factor when buying […]

Ewan Burkinshaw spent a short stint at Head Office before he joined our Leeds store, but before he left he shared the story of this new Fly Lago with us. After a bit of a hiatus from riding I decided that it was time to launch myself in the deep end, cross the Rubicon and […]

Here at Evans Cycles we are fortunate to have many members of our store staff who ride BMX, so you know there will always be someone who knows what they’re talking about. Over the next couple of months we are going to be catching up with a few of the guys who ride in our […]

If you have checked out the latest copy of Ride UK you will have seen our latest ad of Stereo Bike’s Dan Paley sending a 540 down the infamous London Bridge 10 set, which happens to be right outside our London Bridge Store! Coalition UK Team – Dan Paley from Ben Green on Vimeo. Check […]

We are just over half way through 2010 and already many BMX companies have started to release their 2011 range of complete bikes, and one of the first ranges in stock is the 2011 United’s. I went in for a closer inspection of a few bikes from this years range. With a team of household […]

To kick off the Blog from the BMX side of things we caught up with Dave Paterson and checked out his sweet United setup. Dave works on the web content in the Marketing Department and is based up at Head Office in Gatwick. He and a few other riders will be contributing towards much of […]