Over the last week we’ve been collecting advice from commuters, for commuters – and we’ve picked 11 of the best tips to share with you.  Both the team at Evans Cycles and Blaze were bowled over by the 100s of tips we had tweeted and shared with us on Facebook – it was great to […]

January can be tough for cycle commuters – the razzmatazz of Christmas has faded, and now it’s all about getting through the remainder of winter, and enjoying the odd moment when the wind isn’t driving and the rain isn’t perpetual. Regular commuting teaches you a lot about bike riding, and we know the commuters out […]

Six months ago we supported the London Cycling Campaign in their aims to make cycling safer by urging politicians to pledge Space for Cycling. We know that cycling is the best way to get around and as we’ve been trading in London since 1921 we want to ensure it remains a safe and enjoyable place […]

Hiplok have brought out their first wearable D lock and cable combo - exclusively available at Evans Cycles – and to celebrate they will be visiting stores, offering people the chance to win a HOY bike. Between Wednesday 3December and Friday 5 December, Hiplok’s representatives will appear at three stores, giving people the chance to release […]

Disagreements, frustration and impatience are often witnessed on the roads, and these emotions can lead to accidents if allowed to go unchecked. This week, for National Road Safety Week, we’d like to look at some of the things we can ALL do to make the roads safer. At Evans Cycles, most of us are cyclists, […]

  We hate bike theft –  but unfortunately it happens, and new statistics show bike theft is most common in Oxford and Cambridge. Research by John Moss, the developer of Check That Bike has shown the highly respected university towns to be key spots for thieves. The Telegraph reported that Oxford’s OX1 topped the list […]

With autumn progressing and daylight hours diminishing it isn’t uncommon for summer cyclists to become less enthusiastic about getting out on their bikes. If you’ve been using your bike to get to and from work, it’s understandable to feel some concerns about continuing to do so if that means riding in the dark, but there […]

National Cycle to Work day took place this week and many first-time-in-a-long-time riders were dusting off their shed dwellers and wheeling them out for a rare ride.  Cycling to work is a great way to get fit, save money, protect the environment and wake yourself up in the morning – and it’s great every day of the […]

Shorter days can sometimes mean less time for cycling – but this doesn’t have to be the case if you pick up a bike light capable of showing you the road even in the pitch black. Drivers don’t stop taking to the roads when the light fades – they just switch the headlights on, and […]

With daylight hours shifting ever so slightly, our thoughts are beginning to turn to lighting and safety –  keeping ourselves and our beloved bikes safe on the road, and being seen. The Blaze Laserlight was created by British designer Emily Brooke. The light uses a laser to display the image of a cyclist on the road, […]