Guest post by Andreas Kambanis from the London Cyclist blog, where he covers cycling accessories such as bike locks and news such as the London Cycle Hire Scheme, and is generally to be found happily cycling around London. The Altura range of panniers have always been popular. The good price point and solid design are […]

Well, what a busy week it has been for us! We have had some great responses and winners to our first ever Twitter competition, we all particularly liked Tuesday’s winning tweeter – who walked away with some nice Gore and Endura gear. Thanks to everyone who entered and we loved reading your responses, especially because […]

If you’ve ridden a bike you’ve fallen off one: it’s inevitable with only two wheels on your wagon. Most of the time you’ll get away with a scrape and a dented ego, but it’s worth being prepared for something a little worse. When bikers do take a tumble they end up with fairly predictable injuries. […]

Buying a bike can be great fun, particularly when it involves reading about all the latest kit while you try to work out exactly what you’re after. In contrast, buying a good quality lock and getting bike insurance hardly sets the pulse racing – but it’s essential if you want to protect your pride and […]

Between the age of 10 and 14, my favourite TV hero was the Knight Rider. The protagonist was David Hasselhoff, equipped with an omnipotent sports car that had many talents. The heart of the rig was a moody computer that was able to speak, express emotions, see through walls or catapult an unbeknownst passenger off […]

What Graceland is to rock’n’roll fanatics, Amsterdam is to cycling geeks all around the world. A reference point in urban cycling, a two-wheel heaven. Our Retail Director, Mark Smith went to the Netherlands recently on a fact-finding mission to explore a key component of the infrastructure: manned bike parking and hiring facilities. Northern Rail has […]