You’ve probably heard about changes to the Cycle to Work scheme recently announced by HMRC (that’s the tax man) at the end of August. Mark Brown, our Cycle to Work scheme expert, gives us the lowdown on what’s happening and will answer any questions you have here on the blog. Simply post your question in […]

It’s easy when the tube strike is during the summer – cycling seems to be the obvious substitute for excruciating bus rides. Come October and the cycling becomes less obvious choice – the fears are unfounded. Commuting in autumn is harder than in summer… but not by much. With the right kit you can protect […]

The summer turned into autumn unannounced – one day everything is warm and sunny, next morning, it’s still sunny, but the cold weather makes the usual morning commute a bit trickier. On the other hand, it suddenly gets dark pretty soon and if you are still expecting the light conditions of early August, then you […]

Not long ago, Evans Cycles have started to offer bike maintenance courses at our stores for our customers. Bike maintenance is like base jumping: looks scary at first, but afterwards some practice, you realise that it’s not that bad. As I confessed a couple of months ago on this blog, I myself wasn’t a keen […]

It’s September and I, like most other cyclists hate to admit it but the height of summer is behind us!  The days are getting shorter and the weather cooler, changeable and unpredictable – the ride into work in the morning can be 10 degrees, but the ride home in the evening more like 20 degrees! […]

I was flying back to London yesterday and I thought the appropriate movie choice was Robin Hood, the new version, with Russell Crowe. I don’t know whether Robin Hood and Marion ended up in each other’s arms as the landing abruptly ended the movie, but the Robin Hood statue looked definitely familiar this morning, where […]

Guest post from Rob Spedding, Editor of Cycling Plus magazine. According to insurance giant Aviva last month was the peak for bike thefts. In a recent press release it claimed that August, and the bank holiday weekend, were in particular ‘prime time for opportunistic thieves’. “Traditionally during August we see a 25% increase in bike […]

One of our very first articles was about Mark Smith’s fact finding trip to the Netherlands, where he explored how can commuting by bikes and railways work together. The basic idea is that commuters should be provided bike-friendly facilities near big railway stations, so they can either leave their bikes at the station or rent […]

Journalist Jeremy Head recently bought a bike though his employer. While he knew he was looking for a bike for commuting, he realised that his hefty 10-mile journey required quite a bit of thought to get the right machine. Here we take a look at his journey. I’d been thinking about riding to work for […]

Lot of anticipation surrounded the Barclays Cycle Hire Scheme a.k.a. the Boris bikes. It’s been up and running for almost two weeks now, so we set out the see how the scheme works, how the bikes ride and how easy or complicated it is to actually use the scheme. My flatmate had ordered a couple […]