We at Evans Cycles are pleased to run events in association with LLR, Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research charity, where the keen cyclist and former professional footballer Geoff Thomas is a patron. We have worked with LLR since 2004 to provide staffing support, mechanical help and promote cycling at events including the Bikeathon series, and through […]

Last nights mega commute was a nice ride with the quiet bank holiday roads, but this time, we faced a new enemy – WIND!!…gusty, unpredictable, snatchy, energy sapping wind. So I asked around the team for some tips, here they are: 1. Ride behind someone else 2. Get a good pedalling rhythm 3. Get as […]

Evans Cycles is celebrating its 90th anniversary this year and in the spirit of that, we decided to look back on the last 90 years and relive important moments and talk about brands, events, partners. This post is part of a series of posts, you can check out the other articles here. While there are […]

We’ve received some BrevM gear a couple of weeks ago and we asked our friends at LFGSSon Facebook if they wanted to test a BrevM wheelset. David connected us and Will Melling who kindly shared his opinion on the wheels with us below. BREV is Italian for patent. Brev Campagnolo as it says on desirable […]

I have visited the joint Transport for London and Metropolitan Police’s Cycle Task Force last year, when Inspector Graham Horwood and his team showed me what the traffic unit was up to. It was a very interesting day, indeed but a couple of weeks ago I got an invitation from Graham to spend a day […]

This Saturday I was one of 500 lucky people who got an entry to the third annual Tweed Run, ‘a metropolitan bicycle ride with a bit of style’. For those that don’t know, the Tweed Run is a bike ride around central London with all the participants wearing their finest Tweed attire. It takes in […]

The cyclo-cross bike has quite rightly so become the discerning choice for riders looking for a jack-of-all-trades bike that does a little bit of everything well – the efficiency of the full size 700c wheels combined with off-road capability (improved braking performance, mud/tyre clearance. Canal towpaths, green lanes, tarmac, and light off-road; the cyclo-cross bike […]

Commuting on a bicycle is not only fun but it is cheaper and often faster than any other form of commuting. Many will say otherwise, so why not give it a go and see it for yourself? But before you jump on your bike, here are five important things you need to consider or think […]

In our ongoing mission to get more customers trying and rating product, this year we are providing a selection of bikes to be reviewed over time. Here Andy Connolly tells us his first impressions of the Trek FX 7.1 hybird bike: I have been riding the Trek hybrid for about 6 weeks now and have […]

We’ve received some BrevM gear a couple of weeks ago and we asked our friends on Facebook if anyone wanted to test some of the gear. We had an overwhelming number of responses and it was hard to pick two. You can read their reviews here today and tomorrow. About the author – Ryan Manders […]