A couple of weeks ago, when we started to stock the all-new Kansi folding bikes, many people at the office seemed to be interested in these truly good-looking bikes. So we took all three models out of stock and gave them a spin. I asked colleagues with different folding bike background: on one end of […]

When I was five I had a My Little Pony tricycle. It was my pride and joy and I scooted about all over the place at high three-wheeled speeds that would have left Del Boy Trotter eating my dust. It was, of course, pink. My friend next door had the Barbie version and I am […]

The eagle eyed amongst you will have noticed that Fuji’s best-selling Roubaix models have been ommitted from the 2011 lineup on our website. It’s not that we don’t like them or that they’d didn’t sell well last year - it’s because these special UK-only models were in the pipeline, exclusive to Evans Cycles! We asked and Fuji obliged! Taking Fuji’s much acclaimed, best-selling 2010 Roubaix custom […]

Jamis Bicycles. Probably a name you’re aware of or have heard before, haven’t heard much of recently and wouldn’t know where to start if you wanted to buy one of their bikes! All this looks set to change come January 2011, with Evans Cycles proudly announcing exclusive UK retail of Jamis Bicycles ongoing from the […]

As our recent bike lights review pointed out, the change of seasons requires preparations from the prudent cyclist. The most important thing is to sort out visibility but it’s also important to make your bike ready for winter so you can carry on commuting to work. People often put away their bikes for the winter, […]

Ever increasing costs and journey times to commute to work leave more and more of us searching for alternative modes of transport. Cycling often features high on the list as a free and healthy method that is also great for the environment but is then dismissed due to a lack of confidence to ride on the busy […]

One of the most obivous signs that the summer is soon to be over is that it gets dark sooner and sooner and it means that you are less and less visible to other participants of the traffic. We all tend to underestimate the importance of being seen, assuming that drivers can see us, even […]

After hearing Kulveer Ranger, the Mayor of London’s transport advisor, declare on BBC Radio last week, there had been “no major accidents” so far, “just a few bumps and bruises” on London’s ‘Boris Bikes’, I was impressed. Not bad going, when you think that 20,000 people are now making journeys on this new, two-wheeled transport […]

You’ve probably heard about changes to the Cycle to Work scheme recently announced by HMRC (that’s the tax man) at the end of August. Mark Brown, our Cycle to Work scheme expert, gives us the lowdown on what’s happening and will answer any questions you have here on the blog. Simply post your question in […]

It’s easy when the tube strike is during the summer – cycling seems to be the obvious substitute for excruciating bus rides. Come October and the cycling becomes less obvious choice – the fears are unfounded. Commuting in autumn is harder than in summer… but not by much. With the right kit you can protect […]