A cold and snowy start to the month saw commuting to work take on another level! The snow came down hard and I fished out my Pinnacle Arrow Mountain Bike to attempt the ride in, check out the pictures. The roads were peaceful and it only took a few more minutes than normal to do […]

Traditionally at the end of each year, Google publishes an annual zeitgeist – basically a summary of what people around the world are searching for. Check it out. So this inspired us to think – what trends are happening in the cycling world? We all know that cycling has exploded in the last few years, […]

With our first Jamis 2011 delivery touching down in the warehouse last week, it seems containers packed with bikes have more success in this snowy weather than our post! On the first drop was perhaps the most anticipated of all the bikes in this years’ range – the Bosanova. Certainly not the prettiest of bikes […]

The cyclo-cross season has almost reached its half term but there are still plenty of opportunity to see some world-class action not too far from the British islands. Belgium is just a couple of hours of drive away from the Southeast of the UK and the chance of seeing the biggest names of the sport […]

Three rounds of the London League Cyclo Cross, a decent amount of commuting and several trips to Roehampton University basically wrapped this month up with no chance of running or swimming! Over 500 miles commuting on my BMC SLX Race Master and Gary Fisher Fixie made good base mile training for the weekends racing. For […]

We decided a while ago that this month’s theme will be cyclo-cross – if you haven’t read our introduction to cyclo-cross, you can do it now here. Specialized was kind enough to lend us a ‘cross bike for review, thus ended up this Specialized Crux Elite at our offices a couple of weeks ago. Call […]

Cyclocross season is certainly in full swing with four rounds having already been contested up here in sunny Scotland (and yes every race so far has been dry!) As a relative newcomer to the discipline of cyclocross, I have been on a rather steep learning curve these few weeks, some lessons being learnt the hard […]

Before I start to talk about the best cycling discipline, here’s a disclaimer: I am very biased towards cyclo-cross. To me, it sums up all the good things from all areas of cycling and creates a unique and mesmerizing whirlwind. The history It all started roughly at the same time as the Tour de France […]

Well cyclocross season has started for 2010. It feels like its snuck up on me and all of a sudden I’m on the start line having kittens because training hasn’t been ideal but that’s life for you! When you work its hard to put the hours in for training that are required for racing and […]