The ‘Worlds’ may not be scheduled into the elite race calendar until late September and towards the end of the race season but with the 82nd edition of the UCI Road World Championships being held in Richmond, USA and its ‘capital region’ (Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland) this year and with us offering a fantastic trip there to go and watch the event live, […]

Between June 8 and 28, companies around the country will encourage their staff to take to their bikes to embark on the National Cycle Challenge. The challenge is free to enter and offers a fun way (with the help of the Smartphone GPS App Love to Ride) to have individuals and companies compete against each other for some great prizes, while, […]

Hi All. We are busy gearing up for our hardest Sportive of the year, The King of the Downs. Now in it’s 7th year, this is a classic 10 hill Sportive  to challenge even the fittest riders. So far we have booked the drink stations, ordered 2500 bananas, 4000 bits of flapjack, 150 fruitcakes and […]

We may have accepted that there are some serious limitations to taking real mountaineering to your bicycle, particularly above a certain altitude but, have you heard, you can now climb the earth’s highest mountain on your trusted steed?..well, ok, in terms of height at least. Learn about cycling’s latest craze: Everesting! It’s a challenge that requires you to ride non-stop the vertical height of Mount Everest […]

100km is a distance that many cyclists will ride on a weekend without batting an eyelid. On UK roads there are more and more cyclists out at the weekend, putting in the miles, and riding further and further. However, on a mountain bike, riding that kind of distance, strictly off-road and especially down south, is a lot harder. […]

Last weekend we had the chance to have a little poke around ‘Spin London’, dubbed as the urban bicycle show, it’s a chance for many small start-ups and independent brands to get their stuff out there for the first time. While you won’t see the latest tech from big companies, Spin gives you plenty in the form of […]

It doesn’t matter what the sport is, there will always be those who want to take it to greater lengths. In the world of amateur cycling, audax events have historically been that boundary breaker. Yet, strangely, an audax is non-competitive. The aim of the discipline is to complete a set distance in a certain time, checking […]

Sometimes we witness, sometimes we ride and sometimes we race, but it is fair to say, whenever there is a big bicycle event going, at least one of us can always be found there. Whether they are based at head office or in one of our stores and whether as spectator, participant or contender, our avid blog readers […]

Not only is tweed a fabric which many may see as quintessentially British, it is also almost inextricably linked to cycling. The former goes back to the hard-wearing material, which began as (and to some extent still is) a hand-woven cloth, having emerged in Scotland as a way for the farmers to cope with the cold and damp weather and later […]

Last weekend saw the opening round of the 2015 BMX Supercross World Cup in Manchester and, according to Ted Gordon, our Preston store manager, who was lucky enough to witness the action live on the Sunday, it certainly lived up to the hype. Here is what he has to say..   “Supercross events are held over two […]