Return on investment may be a business term, but the idea of getting something back, hopefully bigger and better after you have already put something into it, is what every cyclist, every athlete, wishes for. It could be getting fitter, slimmer, faster or even saving money or time. So what happens when you invest big in one […]

With the latest incarnation of the rapidly growing Red Hook Crit to take place in Barcelona this coming weekend, we looked back to when the race that is reinvigorating track cycling debuted in London this year attracting an audience of over 17000.   by Craig Cunningham   What is the Red Hook Crit? The Red Hook Crit originally […]

The HOY 100 is nearly here!. Sir Chris Hoy is busy preparing for the event, and you should be too In case you missed it, Sir Hoy wrote a pep-talk for all you intrepid souls, here – and some advice on what to wear (always a big question..)   HOY Experience details Please see section […]

Evans Cycles is holding their One for the Girls evenings again, this time focusing on bike maintenance. If the idea of twinkling with the gears or adjusting the brakes on your pride and joy strikes fear into your heart than you need to get yourself to one of these evenings. Not only will you learn […]

At Evans we’re celebrating the best of cycling heritage right now, and we know of no other British brand that can encapsulate 130 years of cycling history better than Brooks saddles. But, with our Waterloo Cut store being transported back to the 1940s this week, what does a modern Brooks saddle really have in common […]

As part of the heritage focus at our Waterloo Cut store this week, a selection of photographs from legendary cycle photographer Geoff Waugh’s ‘Beyond The Peloton’ show will be on display. Earlier this week we caught up with Geoff and asked him about his own cycling history.   So how did you become a cycle […]

Hi All. We are busy gearing up for our hardest Sportive of the year, The King of the Downs. Now in it’s 7th year, this is a classic 10 hill Sportive  to challenge even the fittest riders. So far we have booked the drink stations, ordered 2500 bananas, 4000 bits of flapjack, 150 fruitcakes and […]

100km is a distance that many cyclists will ride on a weekend without batting an eyelid. On UK roads there are more and more cyclists out at the weekend, putting in the miles, and riding further and further. However, on a mountain bike, riding that kind of distance, strictly off-road and especially down south, is a lot harder. […]

Last weekend we had the chance to have a little poke around ‘Spin London’, dubbed as the urban bicycle show, it’s a chance for many small start-ups and independent brands to get their stuff out there for the first time. While you won’t see the latest tech from big companies, Spin gives you plenty in the form of […]

Setting aside the (often self-inflicted) suffering when we race or train really hard, riding our bikes together should be fun. However, in order to make sure a large organised event, such as a sportive, does in fact remain enjoyable as well as safe and promotes a considerate attitude towards other road users and the environment, we have put together the following […]