At 55 miles the London to Brighton’s hardly a sportive, but you still need to be prepared. Simon Handby talks us through what to expect. I’ve a feeling, as the bike crashes down off the log, the suspension compresses and I hear the chain smacking off the chainstay, that chucking myself around this particular bit of singletrack […]

Guest blogger Phoebe Doyle has reviewed the Specialized Small Fry Child Helmet for us. Phoebe Doyle blogs about parenting and education at As my 5 year old daughter Rosie has recently become the mightily proud owner of a suitably pink and girly bike (the Molly Raleigh), apparently her unisex Winne The Pooh helmet will […]

Guest blogger Phoebe Doyle reviewed the Adventure ST3 Two Seater 2009 Trailer bike for us. Phoebe Doyle blogs about parenting and education at OK, I’ll level with you; I’m not exactly the most confident of cyclists and so hadn’t given the idea of a trailer much thought. Friends of ours though had found them […]

We at Evans Cycles are pleased to run events in association with LLR, Leukaemia and Lymphoma Research charity, where the keen cyclist and former professional footballer Geoff Thomas is a patron. We have worked with LLR since 2004 to provide staffing support, mechanical help and promote cycling at events including the Bikeathon series, and through […]

Guest blogger Phoebe Doyle’s daughter Rosie tested the 14 inch Raleigh Molly bike for us. Phoebe Doyle blogs about parenting and education at My 5 year old daughter Rosie spent last summer riding a balance bike which was great. She’s a cautious child (unlike her crazy 2 year old brother) and the balance bike […]

With any luck you’ll have had a good look at the previous blog that gives a brief overview of the all-new Pinnacle range. If not you should be able to find it here. In a series of more in-depth posts I’ll be putting the spotlight on the bikes that make up each specific model category. We’ll start […]

The Big Pedal is a humongous, fantastically brilliant race from 7-25 March between hundreds of schools and tens of thousands of cycling pupils. It’s powered by Sustrans and funded by the Bike Hub. This year’s three-week-long Big Pedal is a daily stage race, a bit like the Tour de France, only it’s right here in […]

Earlier this week, we sat down with our buyers and asked them to come up with a prediction for some Christmas bestsellers: which kids bikes will be the most popular? So here are the top 10 bikes for all ages! Age Sex Price Early Rider Classic Kids Bike 2-5 unisex £99.99 Specialized Hotrock 20 Inch […]

Bikeability – an introduction to road safety for kids It bills itself as “cycling proficiency for the 21st Century”, but what exactly is Bikeability – and how can it help prepare children for the trials of the road? We spoke to Paul Robison, the manager of the scheme, which is run by Cycling England, to […]

The morning of Sunday 27th brought some big smiles to peoples faces which may have evaporated later in the day due to a certain football game.  The reason of these smiles was the London Bikeathon which took place on a beautiful summer’s day in London. Every year we assist at the London Bikeathon which is […]