Whether you’re buying a new bike, or upgrading your current steed, the groupset will make a big difference to your enjoyment and speed. More expensive components mean less weight, easier shifting and greater comfort, but there are options available at every price point. The leading manufacturers for these essential elements – the chainset, cassette, shifters, […]

  Using a home trainer is a fantastic way of maintaining your fitness throughout the winter months but it’s not always easy. We caught up with Sir Chris Hoy to bring you some advice and guidance on how to make the most of your indoor trainer. Turbo training can be hard work, but having a […]

We’ve put together a selection of guides to help keep you riding through the change of the seasons. Here is our autumn servicing advice, but why not check out our advice on MTB riding, road riding and commuting in autumn. Be prepared for Autumn and get your bike serviced. Prevention is better than cure! Clean and lubricate […]

It’s sale time. The red and white lettering is out. You can shop and buy sale items online here, and the deals will be unleashed in our stores on Saturday morning. Waiting to buy your kit until the sale period is good way to shop intelligently – but it’s also really easy to be blinded by the […]

A few weeks ago, Joel (our head buyer) and Gareth (responsible for all of our exclusive brands) caught up with Sir Chris Hoy. After talking through the latest HOY bike samples (which you can see in the background), they asked him for his advice on how to keep on riding & training through winter.   […]

This video shows you how to pack your bike for air travel in a way that protects all the parts and components. The motto: you can never have too much padding!

It is that time of year when our thoughts turn to holidays, trips, travel and riding in distance locations. Inevitably, at some point this means packing a bike for air travel. So I thought we’d document the process – it is quite a common question and popped up a few times on our Facebook page […]

Stage 2 service is a thorough inspection that covers almost all aspects of your bike and will result a great, properly working bike. Watch the video to see what exactly is included.

Every bike needs some TLC (tender loving care) regularly. This video shows you what sort of attention should your bike get every 3-9 months, depending on use.

Last week I’ve written a short introduction how to fuel your body during rides. After chatting to the experts of the field, I summed up all the practical knowledge that was relevant or interesting. However, no amount of science is able to determine whether you like the taste of something or not. De gustibus non […]