Our expert team can service almost any kind of bicycle suspension, check out the video below to see how they do that, what is included in the servicing:

The warm weather poises more and more of us to jump on our bikes and make the most of the long evenings and hot weekends. Food and drink products are divided into two main groups: pre/during ride and post-ride products. The reason for this division is that your body has different needs before, during and […]

Last nights mega commute was a nice ride with the quiet bank holiday roads, but this time, we faced a new enemy – WIND!!…gusty, unpredictable, snatchy, energy sapping wind. So I asked around the team for some tips, here they are: 1. Ride behind someone else 2. Get a good pedalling rhythm 3. Get as […]

We have a great suspension service up in the North, in Kendal and they can take good care of your suspension. You can either drop the bike off at your nearest Evans Cycles store to have the fork or the rear suspension removed but if you follow the steps of this video, probably you can […]

Setting up your suspension will give your a more comfortable and more controlled ride. Check out the video:

Adjusting the headset is an easy fix and can prevent potentially serious accidents.

Cleaning your bike will not only make it look good but you will find that it works better.

Great stopping power comes with great responsibilities, but adjusting disc brakes is no rocket science:

Being able to stop your bike if and when it is necessary is paramount. Setting up your brakes is an easy task, check out the video below to see how to do it:

The chain is an often overlooked component when you think about the riding experience but a properly maintained chain contributes greatly to a good drivetrain.