Winter can be hard on your bike, so to help you guys out we worked with Muc-Off, who provide product for a range of pro teams, to put your questions to Team IAM Cycling mechanic, Jonathan Fazan. We had a great response covering a wide range of topics, here are the ones we thought you would […]

  Over winter your bike has a tough time – grit and grime is washed up from the road and when it gets cold salt spreading can corrode components. You can avoid any negative effects from all of this by looking after your bike, and maintaining it regularly. You can do a lot of this […]

The tyres you choose to fit on your bike make a dramatic difference to rolling resistance, handling, and to the amount of time you spend beside the road fixing punctures. Because your tyre is the contact point with the ground, the ideal rubber for you changes with the seasons, and is hugely dependent upon your […]

Your bike takes a hammering over the colder, wetter months – especially if  you use it to get to and from work. Gritted roads, washed up gravel and general grime can build up over time and cause corrosion if you let it – but you don’t have to. There are a number of steps you […]

  Nobody likes a visit from the puncture fairy – it’s annoying and can slow down your ride. More grit and dirt on the roads over autumn and winter means more punctures, and this is pretty inconvenient when the season stipulates the need for your hands to be wrapped up in warm gloves to keep […]

Fixing a puncture is a skill that every cyclist needs to master to be self-sufficient on the roads. It’s not something anyone is born knowing how to do innately (yet) – so there are a lot of videos online showing you just how to do that. Outsider Magazine decided that wanted to make their version […]

We’ve put together a selection of guides to help keep you riding through the change of the seasons. Here is our autumn servicing advice, but why not check out our advice on MTB riding, road riding and commuting in autumn. Be prepared for Autumn and get your bike serviced. Prevention is better than cure! Clean and lubricate […]