A few years ago, we were all rolling around on 26” wheels without a care in the world – and then the wheels grew. The first mountain bikes of the 1960s were heavy modified cruiser bikes, designed for racing down the sides of mountains. They had 26” wheels, and that was that. 29er wheels […]

The groupset on your mountain bike will make a huge difference to the quality of the ride, but if you’re buying a built bike, also the cost. The groupset comprises of bottom bracket, cranks, hubs, cassette, shifters, chains and derailleurs, and Shimano is one of the most commonly used brands, with SRAM being the other […]

Cycling is a fantastic way to see the world, and mountain biking enables you to see areas that can’t be found by car, and are too deep to be frequented by many walkers. Regardless if you’re visiting trail centres, or keeping it natural and exploring some of your local beauty spots, getting yourself a mountain […]

It wouldn’t be right of us to join any of the wheel size tribes – as a retailer, we need to stay neutral, and do our best to help every customer roll away on the bike that’s right for them. However, if you’re looking for a 27.5 inch wheel MTB that will tackle any trail, […]

Last week, we shared IFHT’s video, presented by NSMB - called ‘How to be a road biker’ . The video went down a storm, so we thought we should probably ensure cycling equality and share the fantastic ‘How to be a mountain biker’. Check it out: Are you a downhill racer, park rat, cross county racer, all mountain […]

We lent out some bikes to a few guys around the company over the summer for a long termer review. From road to mountain, recreation to race, our ride squad put the bikes through their paces and after a few months have got off the saddle to write up their experiences. Fraser Glass is the […]

This month’s customer review was written by jalapenotom on the Specialized Tactic II Helmet road bike, and as usual, he is entitled to the £250 voucher. This helmet probably saved my life. I know there must be a shedload of anecdotal reviews about helmets doing a great job protecting people’s noggins during a crash… and […]

This week we’ve asked Matt Gilliver, our staff trainer and in-house bike geek what are those easy wins you should consider when you want to upgrade your mountain bike, what gets the most bang for your buck.  The words ‘mountain’ and ‘bike’ when placed together always bring a smile to my face at any time […]

The Norco Sight has won many accolades and fans over the last 12 months, taking the trails by storm and quickly becoming one of our most popular mountain bikes. We know this bike’s great but wanted to find out a little more about how the guys at Norco set about developing this awesome all round […]

While we are soldiering on in the cold and wet winter on our bikes, one of the things that keeps us going is the SEASON. The promise of warm and sunny rides, the hours and days you can spend in the saddle without battling frostbite. We’ve asked a few staff members what they were planning […]