My name is Erik Purres and my passion is mountainbiking. As a privateer racer I have been making my own way to the races and fighting to progress week in week out while having great time doing what I love. This year I will be riding a Norco Aurum to follow my dream and achieve […]

Let’s ride together! We held our inaugural fun off road ride last spring near Peaslake and what a ride it was: a great group rode around on great trails in wonderful weather. As we all had fun, we decided to organize a ride this spring again. Just like last year, it will be a casual […]

Elite athletes are a special breed, they have something that most of us lack: a very strong drive to win and the willingness to sacrifice everything to get there. And don’t forget humility – often the greatest athletes are the most humble ones. As it turned out last night, Tracy Moseley is one of them: […]

It was one of the rainiest April we’ve ever seen but there was plenty happening nonetheless: The Norco Sight 2 was crowned by What Mountain Bike magazine as the ‘Trail Bike of The Year 2012’ In the middle of the spring classics, a great post about riding the Ronde van Vlaanderen by an actual Belgian, […]

The Sight is Norco’s conventionally (26”) wheeled 140mm trail bike. The magic numbers; 140mm of travel front and rear pitches it straight into the hotbed of one of the most competitive and fiercely fought categories in the MTB market. 5.5” of travel is widely regarded as the holy grail – not too much to turn […]

When I was asked to review the Jamis durango, I’ll be honest, I was a little uninspired. The prospect of riding a £550 entry level machine made me wake up in cold sweats, dreaming of the ungainly beasts of days gone by, great entry level bikes but obviously lacking in performance and styling. On receiving […]

Buying a bike can often be perplexing as there is such a wide variety of options, so many bikes to choose from. This short video below aims to help you find the mountain bike that fits your needs perfectly. Still not undecided? Visit our Mountain Bike Buyer’s guide >>> View all mountain bikes >>>

Andy from our web team gives us the verdict on these BIG lights: Being the kind of person that likes to ride my bike after work whether it’s winter or not, and also not being a fan of riding into trees, I do like my lights. Accordingly, I was recently handed a Full-Beam Night Nemesis […]

Roll up, roll up! Registration for Megavalanche 2012 opens on Monday here, so if you are planning on racing as your goal for this year, here is a quick checklist and some tips for you, based on our experience last year. BIKE Something with at least 150mm travel – Spicy, Remedy or similar for maximum […]

New Years Day is always big milestone in our lives and we have a tendency to come up with all sort of new year’s resolutions. Some people promise to quit smoking, others commit to read more books and most of us cyclists, well, we pledge that we will ride more, ride further, ride harder and […]