Muc-Off Silicon Shine After many hours toiling over the bike with a toothbrush removing every last speck of dirt, the thing that is really missing is a top-class finish to really make it sparkle. After all, you polish that rust-bucket on the driveway every Sunday morning; why not apply the same loving care to your […]

Anyone who has ridden a bike in the last 25 years or so has almost certainly used some kit from an all-conquering, yet strangely mysterious company: the big S. And while Shimano drivetrains, brakes, pedals and other bits of componentry have become so ubiquitous that the brand seems commonplace at first glance, the Japanese company […]

Last week I’ve written a short introduction how to fuel your body during rides. After chatting to the experts of the field, I summed up all the practical knowledge that was relevant or interesting. However, no amount of science is able to determine whether you like the taste of something or not. De gustibus non […]

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited over to the picturesque town of Magglingen, near Biel for the European press launch of BMC’s all-new flagship trail platform – TF01 Trailfox Carbon. Convientely situated just a stones throw from BMC’s nearby Swiss HQ in Grenchen, it was fitting that the launch be held on the same trails that the majority of the R&D […]

Our expert team can service almost any kind of bicycle suspension, check out the video below to see how they do that, what is included in the servicing:

With the weather being so nice, it’s been the perfect time to try some spring/summer tyres and Evans, being the kind people they are, were good enough to let me try a set of the 2.1” Charge Splashback tyres. The first thing that struck me (other than the slightly dubious name) was the look of […]

This month’s customer review was written by nzmike on the Shimano AM45 2011 All Mountain SPD Shoe, and as usual, he is entitled to the £250 voucher. Had these for a couple of weeks now. I ride mostly x-country and light freeriding, these do the job well. Really comfy fit, with a roomy toe box […]

We’ve all noticed it – spring is well and truly in full swing. For riders who have been cycling through the winter, that means the long-awaited payoff of dry and dusty trails. But for those who are new to the world of mountain biking, it could be an even more special time; the opportunity to […]

The warm weather poises more and more of us to jump on our bikes and make the most of the long evenings and hot weekends. Food and drink products are divided into two main groups: pre/during ride and post-ride products. The reason for this division is that your body has different needs before, during and […]

Setting up your suspension will give your a more comfortable and more controlled ride. Check out the video: