We have to admit, we are surprised – a little bit. When we asked out Facebook fans this week if they thought Wiggins could triumph against 3 time world champ, Tony Martin, the answers were mainly ‘no’, though many said they hoped Wiggins could take the stripes. Wiggins had stated before the event that he […]

At the dawn of September, we were blessed with sunny mornings and warm afternoons, but as the season marches towards October, temperatures have begun to drop. This isn’t what any cyclist really wants to hear, of course – but there are upsides to the onset of autumn, and even the coming of winter. Quieter trails, […]

It’s been a busy week in cycling – we’ve had some controversy, some silly cops, some accidental race competitors, and an iconic moment in history, with a new world record. To keep you all entertained – here’s a look at some of the best videos we’ve come across this week: Monday: The Did They/Didn’t they […]

  Yesterday, we published a post highlighting some of the exciting new bikes in our 2015 range – Adventure Road bikes. Evolved from a mixture of cyclocross bikes and endurance road bikes, these designs have been brewing for a while. There have been middle ground semi-cyclo-cross, semi-endurance-road bikes on the market for some time, but […]

Bike manufacturers are ever expanding their ranges to meet new riding trends –  and Adventure Road is the industries new favourite game. It’s been around for ages – but only accidentally. You’ve probably been adventure road biking if you’ve manage to take your road bike down a path you weren’t too sure it could handle, […]

Later this summer, we’re going to be opening two brand new stores – Evans Cycles Maidenhead and Evans Cycles Chelmsford. The Maidenhead store, in Taplow, will have around 150 bikes on shop floor, and we’re looking forward to becoming a part of a busy cycling community there. We’ll be in Taplow Shopping Park, not far […]

We are excited to confirm that by the end of this week there will be a brand new Evans Cycles store open in Maidstone. Opening celebration in Maidstone on Saturday The youngest addition to our fleet of shops across the UK will open on Saturday 26 April, and we’re celebrating with opening offers, competitions and the […]

Shimano produced this amazing advert (fairly) recently: We think it hits the nail on the head. Generally, new technology appears first in the pro peloton, and then trickles down to the dedicated domestic racers and those with a heavy wallet, before becoming common place. Disc braked road bikes are a rare exception to the rule. […]

The new freehub body has a 40 tooth ratchet with 4 pawl engagement. In simple terms this means that the time taken for the drive chain to start moving when you shift from freewheeling to pedalling is quicker – meaning you can get off to a quicker start when you need to. If you’re road […]

Pro Rides – Fuji 2014 Fuji was founded some 114 years ago. Named after Mount Fuji – a Japanese symbol of strength and endurance, Fuji continues to strive in being one of the best bike brands in the world. Their line-up for 2014 continues this ambition, with their latest generation representing the pinnacle of Fuji […]