It’s been quite a year… To list a few, we’ve had the introduction of controversial brand Fat Lad At the Back, not one, but TWO Hour Record Attempts, the coming of age of Adventure Road and an explosion of disc brake road bikes (NB> no actual exploding bikes). Interesting as we found all of these events […]

We cyclists have our quirks – we think riding in the rain is epic, we love to spend our Saturday’s in lycra, and we dream in KOMs and QOMs – we understand our choices aren’t considered ‘normal’ to everyone. The rest of the world has some funny habits, too – here are a few things […]

If you thought you’d seen it all when Danny MacAskill released his latest video, The Ridge, you were wrong. Trials riding just got even more playful. Last week XTreme published this epic StopMotion film, using genuine playmobil characters, and we can’t even begin to count the hours it must have taken to produce this marvelous […]

It’s almost here. The moment you didn’t know you were waiting for. Every year, a group of Evans Cycles colleagues embark upon a 1000km ride, over 5 days, to the biggest bike show in the world – Eurobike. For some riders, it’s an annual trip they’ve become used to. For others, it’s a big fat […]

On Friday afternoon, our good friends at @WiggleBikeShop nominated us to complete the #IceBucketChallenge…   Now, at Evans Cycles we never like to turn down a challenge – so we stepped up. We’ve donated to the Motor Neurone Disease Association  - all for the pleasure of having buckets of cold water chucked over our heads. Motor Neurone Disease […]

We’ve done  ’36 things cyclists say’ – and we know members of the cycling community, otherwise called the ‘OddOnes’,  have plenty of funny little quirks which we love to celebrate. Of course, sometimes we have to interact with humanoids from outside the #OddOnes community. And they do say the funniest things. Here are some of […]

  The major questions in life: what is the meaning of it? What happens after? And… what effect does hair have on aerodynamics..? We can’t answer the first two without causing a bit of controversy (in our humble opinion: cycling, and cycling..) – but Specialized have helped us out a lot with the final burning […]

We know – we’re Evans Cycles – so we are probably biased. Still, the #OddOnes will all back us up on this – cycling is a fantastic way to get outside, stay fit, save money – and most of all, have fun. Here are our 8 top reasons cycling rules… would you add any? 1) […]

There are a few hardcore riders who slog it out 12 months a year, but for many people, the biggest gains in fitness are to be made over summer – when the sun is shining and the rain is mainly staying away. Getting fitter definitely means feeling better, inside and out – and you’ll notice […]

Tomorrow, the Tour de France begins in Britain – and we are EXCITED. So excited, that we’re not sure we will be able to concentrate for the next 3 weeks.  If you feel the same, we’ve prepared a note for your boss, which clearly explains the situation – it’s severity, and the cure. Here it […]