With the biggest bike race in the WORLD (like, ever) set to launch with a bang in Yorkshire on Saturday, the local residents have been impressively busy creating advice videos and friendly jingles to welcome the peloton to God’s own country. We’re pretty impressed with their antics, which show that the #OddOnes spirit is well […]

The #OddOnes know there is no such thing as too many bikes. There are so many different ways of enjoying cycling, it seems a shame to miss out because you’ve not got a bike for the discipline. N+1 is the Velominati equation for the perfect number of bikes to have – where ‘N’ is the […]

The Tour de France Grand Depart is getting tantalisingly close. Submissions we’ve had to our #TOURFEVER competition (still time to enter!) have shown us that the #OddOnes out there have well and truly ‘caught it’- we know you’re all joining us sitting on the end of our saddles in anticipation. To help get you ready for […]

Summer time means plenty of extra sunlight hours – and quite obviously they need to be primarily dedicated to the single joy of bike riding. Riding is awesome fun on its own – but we cyclists (currently known as the #OddOnes) are always looking for a new little gadget to help us enjoy the ride even […]

Sizing a road bike is a very serious business. You need to get your position right to ensure you get the right balance between power transfer, aerodynamics and comfort. Of course, it’s not all about what the bike is like when you’re riding. Here, Glenn from our Wandsworth store outlines his #OddOnes tips for how […]

Bike week is an annual celebration of cycling, and it’s an opportunity to promote bike riding to the general public as an accessible, fun, environmentally friendly hobby and means of transport. It began on Saturday 14th June, and runs until Sunday 22nd (we’re pretty sure that’s more than a week, but we stand to be […]

‘Some of us shave our legs’ is the line in our recent #OddOnes TV ad which lists the interesting quirks found in cyclists, and the shaving of male legs never fails to drum up conversation. Of course, for many (Not all! I’ve seen some hairy legged girls on bikes in my time) female cyclists, shaving […]

With Father’s Day just around the corner, we know that lots of Dads out there will be looking forward to a weekend of being treated extra specially nicely. To help the Fathers among you prepare for the big day, we’ve taken the opportunity to draft a pre-Father’s day wish list for you. Just edit the […]

Evans Cycles is old – positively wrinkly, in fact – we’re over 90, and we’re made up of over 1,000 individuals. Within our ranks, we’ve got cyclists of every kind. And they know cyclists of more kinds. Who know… You see where we’re going. The cycling world is wide and vast, and it’s made up […]

The cycling community is vast, and made up of an array of colourful personalities, which can be loosely slotted into tribes. Though in some cases, members of these tribes do not always mix when placed in close proximity to one another; the truth is that they are all united by one love. We know we […]