We’re sure you read ALL of our blogs – but just in case for any any reason you’ve missed a couple, through March and April we’ve been compiling #EvansEarlybird playlists to inspire you guys to get out riding your bikes this spring. We already shared #EvansEarlybird Playlist 1 – a list compiled from our own […]

We’re excited about spring – excited to be riding in the sun, without arm warmers, on ground that isn’t waterlogged. We’re super chuffed to be out on our bikes past six o’clock with the sun still in the sky… and we expect all of you guys are just as pleased. To celebrate the arrival of […]

Last week, we published our very first #EvansEarlybird playlist – an album compiled from Evans Cycles colleagues favourite cycling related songs, and songs that just made them want to ride. We didn’t want to hog the microphone, so last week we asked you guys to send us your favourite riding songs. With 92k + Facebook […]

What is Earlybird? The Evans Cycles Earlybird campaign is all about us helping you guys get out on your bikes ready for the summer season – early. Spring has seemingly sprung, and those miles aren’t going to ride themselves. We’ve got some great offers, including up to £250 worth of free accessories with a new […]

We’ve seen our fair share of controversial cycling safety advertisements recently. First there was the ASA banned “see cyclist, think horse” ad, which appealed the case and gained at least twice as much exposure in the process (Chapeau! We love the ad). Next, we saw the guys from Top Gear have a go at making […]

We are experiencing some problems with our website today. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused by this, we know it isn’t great, and we are working really hard to fix the problem as quickly as possible. If you have any specific questions, please give our contact centre a call on 01293 574 900. […]

The year that was is drawing to a close, and we’re starting to turn our heads and hearts to 2014, with January training camps and tons of offers on bikes to ensure you have a fantastic 12 months of riding ahead. However, we wanted to take some time to look at some of the things […]

The more we know about the people who shop with us, the better we can cater for them. Recently, we carried out a survey to gather some information from our shoppers about what they want from a bike, what they’re prepared to spend, and what’s most important to them. It looks like quality comes out tops, and […]

We lent out some bikes to a few guys around the company over the summer for a long termer review. From road to mountain, recreation to race, our ride squad put the bikes through their paces and after a few months have got off the saddle to write up their experiences. Simon Alexander is a […]

I’ve been using the CycleOps Powertap wheels for about 2 weeks now – it’s shot by and I’ve been busily downloading the data from every ride and busily analysing it at every opportunity. Very sad, I know. Arguably the most important number for training with power is your ‘Functional Threshold Power’ (FTP). This is roughly the absolute maximum […]