First in a series of posts. We’re on a journey this summer, to the race that most mountain bikers know very well indeed and, dare I say, dream of riding. I’m not going to bore you with a description, watch this instead: Or you can read about when George and the rest of the Evans […]

Some of you might have seen me out taking some shots with my new camera today. They are up now on our Flickr page which can be found on the bottom righthand side of this page. Click a picture and then look for the link through to the Leeds set. You are able to download for […]

UPDATE. The boys have come back from setting out the MTB course and they say the trails are like concrete. But they said this last year and it rained over night turning the trails into mush!!! So, as long as it stays dry, it’s going to be a fast day An overcast day in the […]

I’ve been out today checking out a route for a new Sportive event in the Pennines. At the moment we hold a King of the Downs event in May on the North Downs. This is basically a hard, 10 hill, 115mile route consisting of two loops of about 57 miles. The new event will be […]

Sunday saw us pay homage to what is undoubtedly the most exciting of classic cycling races: Paris-Roubaix. Each year the Rapha team organises this event in honour of ‘The Hell of the North’. We joined a 200+ group of riders around the gravé of North London – the farm tracks, gravelly roads and potholes basically, […]

After realising what I had let myself in for on accepting the ‘challenge’, yes the very same thing tens of thousands of cyclists do every day with no complaint, of riding to work every day, something struck home with me. Spring in England can be cold. It can be very cold. Though luckily we have […]

February started with a week away with the family at Centre Parcs in Elvingdon Forest. It was good to have a break from work but I managed to swim every day and cycle with the family. I also took along my trainers and did a few small runs. Week 2 and it was back to […]

Did you know that just down the road and actually on the MTB route is Horsell Common. This is where the first Martian landed in H. G. Wells in War of the Worlds. Now the request, please stock up on change for food after the ride – we’re looking at over 1000 riders this weekend […]

Get in quick!! We have already reached last years level on pre-entries when we had to close down on the day entries. I have found a few extra parking places so we are keeping everything open at the moment but I’ll have a better idea tomorrow night when the pre-entry closes. My advice is, if […]

It all started 90 years ago in a small store in Kennington Road in south east London, when F. W. Evans set up the very first Evans Cycles store. 90 years and 42 stores later, the basic principle hasn’t changed: to support cyclists in their favourite sport at great prices. We are very proud of […]