This months customer review was written by Steven O. who tried the Mule Bar Energy Bar in their new(ish) “Easter Express” flavour - as usual, he wins a £250 voucher which he tells us he’ll be spending on upgrades for his bikes – starting with new tyres! Here’s what he wrote:  A party in my mouth! I […]

Adventure Road   I’ve been taking trips down adventure road as of late. The Pinnacle Arkose is our Adventure Road bike, designed by James Olsen who so beautifully explained the sliding scale of Endurance Road bikes, Adventure Road bikes, and Cyclocorss Race bikes here. Cyclocross began as an eyeballs out, 1 hour race discipline taking place on […]

Dropping temperatures are common in November – the big chill tends to continue until the later days of February – and numb fingers are a common undesirable side effect without the right gloves. Thankfully, we’ve got a wide range of finger shields designed to keep you warm. When looking for winter gloves, key features to […]

Every  month, we reward one person who reviewed their new product online with a £250 voucher. The winner for October was Tamima, who told us what he thought of the Norco Heart 2014 Singlespeed Bike.  Here’s her review of the ‘Super Sexy Sam(ual L Jackson).  She was very pleased with her win and said: ” This […]

Cold feet when riding are a common complaint from cyclists, and at Evans Cycles HQ we know the pain of frosty toes. Initially, you can attack cold feet with overshoes – these come in varying thicknesses, and some versions are waterproof, those with neoprene are likely to provide more protection. Merino socks, and waterproof socks […]

  Speedplay’s Zero Pavé pedals have been spotted on pro bikes such as Fabian Cancellara’s winning Paris-Roubaix rig as far back as 2006 but this autumn they finally became available to the public. Made available on our website today, the Pavé pedals were designed with cobbled classics in mind – where mud, grit, and even […]

  Mistakes happen – and sometimes they happen in transit, in our warehouse, or when a reviewing journalist takes a bike out for a test ride. We’re honest people at Evans Cycles, so if a bike picks up a couple of scratches, or the wheels are damaged in transit, we spruce it up as best […]

Every  month, we reward one person who reviewed their new product online with a £250 voucher. The winner for August was Marc, who told us what he thought of the Knog Blinder Road Rear 4 LED. Literary genius, we’re sure you’ll agree…  “Very bright light perfect for commuting Knog Blinder Road Rear 4 LED Knog your […]

Every  month, we reward one person who reviewed their new product online with a £250 voucher. The winner for August was Paul, who told us what he thought of the Specialized Expert Road Shoe…  Paul told us…  “I was forced into buying new shoes when my old ones decided they didn’t like cycling anymore. I […]

The Specialized Rockhopper has been an exceptionally popular member of the brand’s family for many years. It’s a true, MTB trail performance hardtail, and it’s been tested and developed over decades. Not the most expensive range within the Specialized offerings, it’s a performance bike that will suit a beginner, but will still provide a light weight, […]