Can’t keep an eye on social media all the time but want to be kept updated on the latest new product and service additions to our stores, warehouse and website every week? No problem! Once a week we highlight the best of ‘What’s New’ in our round-up. Ok so August wasn’t a cyclists paradise for […]

Brooks saddles mix timeless design with top-quality materials. But which best suits your cycling needs? Made from high-quality materials and in classic designs, Brooks saddles are among the most recognisable around. What’s more, it’s a real heritage brand that’s been based in England for more than 100 years. But the company has still managed to […]

If the weather’s bad, why not cycle indoors instead? This handy guide to turbo trainers will point you in the right direction. Thanks to the erratic nature of the British weather, you might not always fancy the prospect of cycling outdoors in snow, wind and rain. But that’s no excuse to let your fitness levels […]

Water bottles are so last century – stay hydrated without taking your hands off the handlebars with a handy water bladder pack. Quenching your thirst while riding tricky terrain is easy with a hydration pack. You can top up your fluid levels without even taking your hands off the handlebars. A hydration pack is a […]

Mavic Cosmic wheels are maybe the most recognisable in cycling. Light, aerodynamic and stylish, they’ve been at the forefront of road cycling for decades. If you’re into your road racing, you’ve probably already heard of the Mavic Cosmic range. Since 1889, Mavic has been at the forefront of transport and manufacturing. Today it’s well known for […]

Any mountain biker knows the importance of comfort in the saddle. Find out why choosing the right mountain bike seat is a decision worth getting right. Goalkeepers use the best gloves – after all, their hands are the most essential part of their job. Likewise an athlete picks only the very best trainers and wouldn’t […]

When riding outside just isn’t an option, those of us with the cycling bug need our fix. But which is better – roller or turbo trainer? The gloves are off… OK, for some of us it takes more than a little bit of snow or a torrential rainstorm to keep us off the streets. But […]

Don’t let the weather ruin your cycle plans – invest in a bike trainer and bring your ride inside. Here are some of the best value for money models. When it’s too cold or rainy to hit the open road, a bike trainer brings the enjoyment of cycling to the comforts of home. They’re also […]

Pain-free cycling requires a comfortable saddle that fits your body shape perfectly. We turn the spotlight on some of the best. Without a comfortable saddle, cycling can be a sore and painful pastime. Yet many people persist with the same seat they’ve had for years. With a comfy saddle, you can enjoy the open roads […]

For a long time PowerTap had the affordable, reliable power meter market almost to themselves with their hub based systems. Competitors have been muscling in on this market recently, but PowerTap have been hard at work behind the scenes coming up with new options - here’s our first verdict on the brand’s new P1 Pedal system…   by […]