We’re half way through January and the sale offers are still going strong with fantastic deals across the range. Kitting up in the sale gives you the opportunity to buy some really high quality gear that will pass the test of time – and that certainly applies to clothing. Here’s a look at 10 of […]

The new 2015 bike models are in – and the good news is that means that 2014 bikes have all had their prices slashed.  We’ve got thousands of bikes reduced in our January sale – and you can take out finance on any bike over £500, bringing the deals even closer to your grasp. Here’s […]

Cycling on the road isn’t dangerous as long as you take the right precautions – and high visibility kit is not a requirement, but it can help other road users to see you, as well as being reassuring. We’ve got plenty of high viz options – from the simple and stylish, to some pieces which […]

This month’s winning customer review was written by Tristan who has been out riding his mountain bike with the Hope R8 LED Vision – 1 Cell Front Light.  Tristan is in his early twenties, and shopped in our Sheffield Store – he’s a regular mountain biker, and had this to say (he even sent us a […]

We’re excited to be stocking a range of HOY accessories exclusively available at Evans Cycles. HOY bikes were launched in 2012 and now the brand has grown to incorporate accessories, with an 8 product line up including pumps, multitools and bar tape. Every item in the range has been checked out and signed off by Sir […]

This summer we introduced the brand Fat Lad At The Back – they make clothing for average and larger cyclists (and triathletes) who don’t fit the ‘racing wippet’ cookie cutter. The founders appeared on the BBCs Dragons Den in August – sadly they were unsuccessful but it’s worked out pretty well for them, and Evans […]

Riding in winter often means riding in the rain – but you can stay comfortable with a good waterproof jacket. A waterproof cycling jacket needs to be breathable, but how breathable depends upon the sort of riding you are doing. A commuter jacket might offer more insulation, with plenty of high viz features, whilst a […]

This summer, we began stocking kit from Fat Lad At the Back and the brand has now broadened its range to include women’s gear.  The Yorkshire based brand create kit that fits cyclists who are not racing whippet shaped – and by popular demand, they’ve created Fat Lass At the Back for curvaceous female riders, as […]

Riding through winter comes with a few side effects: chilly toes are one of the unfortunate ones, but other symptoms include huge smiles and improved fitness come summer. Thankfully, the chilly toes can be kept at bay with the addition of overshoes. These cover the vents on your summer cycling shoes, which can sometimes let […]

At Evans Cycles we know how important it is that a childs early experiences of cycling are good – and that a quality, lightweight bike drastically increases the chances of that happening. Budget childrens bikes might be tempting, but they’re often very heavy, and comparative to the weight of the little one aboard even heavier. […]