In our ongoing mission to get more customers trying and rating product, this year we are providing a selection of bikes to be reviewed over time.  Here David Harmes tells us his first impressions of this Fuji Team road bike: Having agreed to review the Fuji Team 2.0 road bike over a year of riding, […]

We have recently got our hands on a Garmin Edge 800 and over the last couple of weeks I tried to know as much about the unit as possible. It wasn’t the easiest task but I think I have prevailed. First impressions After opening the box, there was the usual stuff in the box: the […]

Around December time I was looking to purchase a new frame. My last one had served me well but it was time to move on to something new. There were many new frames out on the market at that time so the decision took a while but I ended up the happy owner of a […]

Odyssey has always been famous for releasing their product line in bold and creative limited edition colours. Past colours have included florescent orange and yellow to mild teal and lavender. To start off 2011 Odyssey has released some of their most popular parts and components in a new colour deemed “Matt Kelly Green”. We are […]

Though the first big snowfall is behind us now, having the right gear for winter riding is more important than ever as the mercury can still stay below zero for weeks on end. While it’s obvious for many how to dress up properly for such harsh conditions, we thought it might come handy, if we […]

With our first Jamis 2011 delivery touching down in the warehouse last week, it seems containers packed with bikes have more success in this snowy weather than our post! On the first drop was perhaps the most anticipated of all the bikes in this years’ range – the Bosanova. Certainly not the prettiest of bikes […]

XX is the flagship MTB groupset from SRAM featuring 2 x 10 technology. Matt Spurgin is our parts buyers and has been riding with this groupset for a few months now: Once all the components had arrived and been passed around the office in excitement the standout component that seemed to amaze everyone was the […]

I’ve been commuting with this Exposure Flash / Flare light set for a few dark winter months now and would sum up this compact little light set in one word: bright. The Flash front light, especially when used in flashing mode, is more than enough to alert drivers and pedestrians to your oncoming presence – as […]

This month’s customer review was written by Tim Benson on the Garmin 800 Enduro Pack, and as usual, he is entitled to the £250 voucher. My first question on thinking of buying this system was. Why spend £450 when my iphone can do the same job nearly for free. On the first look it may […]

A couple of weeks ago, when we started to stock the all-new Kansi folding bikes, many people at the office seemed to be interested in these truly good-looking bikes. So we took all three models out of stock and gave them a spin. I asked colleagues with different folding bike background: on one end of […]