A weekend of varying weather probably sums up last weekend in the Cotswolds! After stating that the trails were dry it went and rained for the Mountain bikers! The water sat on top of the chalk meaning that it broke away under braking and when attempting the climbs, traction was a bit of a problem […]

Well it’s been another busy month of racing, getting back into the Time Trials. A little less of the running after the Ironman, but a couple of good sessions back in the pool as well as a couple of Personal Best’s in Time Trials. This month’s focus was to be on my time in the […]

Next gpx files will be for Liphook Ta Dean

I am a blogging virgin so not really sure what to put, but hopefully this has an element of interest. I woke on one morning back in February just after my 39th birthday and realized I had developed a rather noticeable bulge around the middle.  This needed addressing and fast, so I wondered off to […]

Another long and busy week is behind us, let’s see how much (or little) did we ride our bikes.

We have a vacancy available in the Ride It team! Basics of the job are:- Approx. 2 weekends a month which equals 6 days work ( One weekend Sat/Sun, the other Fri/Sat/Sun/Mon ) Help set up the Ride It events, book in riders, enter info into computer and other tasks associated with the running of […]

Tomorrow is the launch of Robert Penn’s new book about his pursuit to create his ultimate dream bike. Admit it, this is something we all want to do one day, so we asked him to tell us why he wrote his book. Robert Penn is the author of It’s All About the Bike: the Pursuit […]

Last week was exceptionally busy, so I didn’t have a chance to upload the last batch of photos from the second day of Bikeradar Live 2010. It was indeed an exceptional event and on the way back home I realised why I liked it so much. If you go to a cycling event, most of […]

The first week is gone and everybody is eager to share their achievements!

Every now and again, it can be very hard to work in the cycling industry. For example, on Wednesday, I had to go to Central London to Red Bull’s flashy office building and I had to check out Charge’s all-new lineup. Moreover, I had to talk to some nice people and were offered some drinks. […]