We’ve all heard this: However – it’s about to get harder.We hate to say it but the joys of winter snow and ice are probably not far away, in fact one of our Evans Cycles crew already stacked it on a big patch of nasty black ice to celebrate the start of 2014. This patch […]

We support the London Cycling Campaign’s #Space4Cycling, which is all about encouraging politicians to make changes which will improve infrastructure for cyclists. We think every cyclist deserves safe roads. Alongside what we’re doing with LCC, we’re also working to provide advice and training for cyclists about how best to ride in urban areas. In February, […]

We’re delighted to be supporting a petition set up by The Times newspaper which aims to improve the roads for Britain’s cyclists. We believe that travelling by bike is a fantastic way to save money, get fit, and enjoy the great outdoors, but surveys have shown one of the major things holding people back is a […]

I recently attended a morning dedicated to the prevention of cycle theft. Representatives from Transport for London, the Met Police, British Transport Police and the retail industry came together to talk seriously about a problem which affects thousands of cyclists a year. According to Met police statistics, in fact, 23,144 thefts were reported to them […]

Being a company of dedicated cyclists we’re passionate about helping others discover the pleasure and convenience of riding a bike. We know one of the reasons that holds back many would be cyclists, especially commuters is a concern over safety.  A safe environment for cyclists is a fundamental need, and whilst progress is being made […]