Well it’s been another busy month of racing, getting back into the Time Trials. A little less of the running after the Ironman, but a couple of good sessions back in the pool as well as a couple of Personal Best’s in Time Trials. This month’s focus was to be on my time in the […]

Well it all started over a few beers Christmas 2008, where Andy, a fellow cyclist told me about the Lanzarote Ironman. Even more beers later we had agreed to start training to do the event in 2010. When the light of day had come I then realised that I had never done a triathlon before […]

I have been cycling for about the last 8 years and worked for Evans for 5 years where I have been able to encompass my passion (or obsession) within my working day. The riding I like the most is racing, pushing myself to the limit especially in Time Trials, myself against the clock trying to […]