We’ve received some BrevM gear a couple of weeks ago and we asked our friends on Facebook if anyone wanted to test some of the gear. We had an overwhelming number of responses and it was hard to pick two. You read their reviews here today and tomorrow.

A bit about the writer – Lee Woolston

I’m a 40-year old father of two originally from London but resident in North East England for 13 years. I took up cycling about six years ago to avoid being one of the fat dads who got out of breath chasing a football around in the park with the kids. My initial goal was to ride to the pub 3 miles away and back on a cheap supermarket mountain bike.

BrevM 42T Chainring

The Chainring is machined from 6061 aluminium, which combines lightness with stiffness and strength. The ‘rings come in a choice of colours to complement or contrast with your bike frame.

Fitting the rings takes a bit of a knack due to the ‘messenger’ styling of the inner section of the ring. Once in position fitting the ring is then really quite straightforward (especially with the bling chainring bolts – more on those later).

First impressions of the ‘ring are that it looks great and, when combined with a 15T cog,  produces a neat and narrow chainline on the bike. This combination of gears provides almost as much ‘oomph’ as my previous fixed set up (48/16) but is a little more forgiving on the short sharp banks on my commutes and local rides.

Time will tell how hard-wearing this set up is, and how forgiving (or not) my fixed riding style is on the whole chainset. Nevertheless the overall impression is of an instant upgrade in terms of both visual style and performance. Definitely recommend this to anyone considering upgrading or simply changing their fixed / singlespeed rig.

BrevM Chainring Bolts

Chainring bolts can be an easily overlooked item in the world of fixed / singlespeed riding. Traditional (multi-gear) chainring bolts are too long to use for most singlespeed chainrings – an important consideration if converting from geared to fixed.

These bolts are the right length to fit a Single-speed / fixed – specific chainring to a 130 BCD crank-arm spider (the norm in the world of all things fixed). Just as importantly these really do enhance the appearance of your singlespeed set up, giving it an extra sense of ‘bling’. As such they are a relativiely inexpensive way of pimping up your fixie fixation.

Brev.M Perforated Saddle

This steel-railed saddle harks back to the era when I first became aware of style in cycling – the advent of BMX-ing. In fact this saddle wouldn’t look out of place on your stunt-rig or hanging out with the SK8er boys.

Saddle choice is always a personal thing: some riders like padding, some prefer a minimalist approach with side and mid-cutaways, leaving behind practically no saddle at all. This saddle makes no apologies in being in the ‘comfy’ category, being quite well-padded and supportive for your critical contact point.

The saddle feels plush without being saggy – quite some achievement when you think about it. The saddle cover provides a good degree of firmness – the upshot of which the padding doesn’t really come into it’s own until you really need it – which, in an urban setting is usually when you inadvertently hit a pothole or some other obstruction in the road. In those situations the saddle cushions the blow and acts as something of a a shock absorber.

My initial impression of the saddle was not favourable – I thought it was too deeply padded compared to my preferred firm-as-a-brick perch. However, over the period of testing it I have come to appreciate how well designed it is in an urban environment. Even the dimples on the saddle seem strategically placed to offer a greater degree of comfort than most saddles. They also have the effect of securing the rider’s bum on the seat almost as if by glue…

I’m a convert – and for the price this is well worth considering for a fixie-about town rider. I would recommend it for other ‘comfort’ riding (utlity cycling, maybe mtb), but I would suggest that racers / sportivers / audaxers / club riders would want something firmer.

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