***We’ve all heard “rain couldn’t dampen the spirits…” a million times. Journalists have sought far and wide, looking for alternatives to this much overused introduction. In this case, we believe the statement is so true, so worthy- so much sums up the HOYTour so far, that we’re simply going to use it anyway. Here we go…***

RAIN COULDN’T dampen the spirits of cycling fans who donned their waterproofs en masse for the opportunity to meet and greet his royal Hoyness, Sir Chris, in Liverpool.

Day 2 of the 2014 HOYTour saw Sir Chris and the Evans Cycles/HOY Bikes team setting up in Sefton Park, Liverpool for a ride start at 10am, having driven down from London the previous night after a  Q+A in our Wimbledon store and rides in London and Brighton.

Sir Chris joined jittery and excited adults and children alike for a loop of the park, riding his very own HOY Shizuoka..


Of course, being a six-time Olympic champion, household name, and all-round National hero, you’ve got to expect Sir Chris to need to take a little time to speak to the ever eager journalists who always flock to see him:


Media appearances complete, it was time to get down to the job in hand – and the ride began. It wasn’t a race, and everyone was welcome to come along and enjoy a morning in the park with one of the world’s most decorated Olympians:


There were plenty of opportunities for photographs along the way, and though the weather didn’t exactly shine for the riders, their smiles made up for the lack of sunbeams:


The guys from Liverpool’s council helped out a lot with the organisation, making the ride in the park – well – a ride in the park…

council 1

Despite the drizzle, the riders waved the the cameras and smiled as they enjoyed their special moment in the park on an otherwise dreary Wednesday morning…


Next up – Team HOY packed up the vans to head over to LiverpoolONE shopping centre, to set up a track exclusively for little ones to test their legs out and take a HOY kids bike for a spin:


The team brought  with the a range of bikes in all the sizes available, to make sure everyone got the opportunity to have a go:


Plenty of children wanted to take the bikes for a spin, and we met some real superstars with barrel fulls of talent, like this young boy we spotted cornering like a pro:


There were plenty of little legs marching up to, or tentatively sidling up to, Sir Chris – many of them a mixture of nervous and excited as they waited to speak to their cycling hero:


The Napier runner bikes went down a real treat, and they are a fantastic option for parents wanting to get their spogs started on a bike from an early age – developing balance and coordination that will pay dividends in years to come:


Ever the big kid, of course Sir Chris had to have a go himself, as well (we think it’s a bit small..):


Once everyone had had their turn, it was time to pack up once again and head to the Liverpool store, for a question and answer session with Sir Chris:


A packed out audience listened intently:


All questions asked and answered, there was plenty of time for people to have memorabilia signed:


And get a picture with Sir Chris:


So, despite yet another damp day thanks to the wonders of Mother Nature, everyone had a fantastic time – including Sir Chris and our crew.

Celebrations complete, our team then headed off to Scotland, ready to set up for more excitement today, in Edinburgh and Glasgow – find out how you can get involved here.