‘The story began in March 2010, during an especially balmy and bright Minneapolitan spring, best friends Patrick Stephenson and Zachariah Schaap (nicknamed “Zachamensch”) created a Social Media Beast named 30 Days of Biking.

The 30 Days of Biking pledge was simple: Ride somewhere every day for 30 days, and then share your adventures online.

The duo promoted 30 Days of Biking on Twitter throughout March of 2010, enlisting their pals to ride through April. But as their crew discussed 30 Days of Biking, other Twitterers noticed and got involved. This didn’t remain a ‘Minnesotan’ only activity. Cyclists, riders, commuters – label them what you will from around the world decided they wanted in and took up the pledge. The final number for the first of four (so far) 30 Days of Biking reached 600.

 There is no minimum distance you have to cover, no set time you have to undertake your journey. It could be of any length, 10 miles, to work, around the block, whatever you fancy and on any bike. The point is to challenge yourself, to tell stories about your rides, to post pictures and videos, to share what you love about cycling. There are many, many reasons to talk about cycling but let’s create a few more!

Fast pedal to 2012 and 30 Days of Biking is in its third year, with the next round to come in April. Four highly-thirsted-after rounds of this social media sensation, two in 2010 and two in 2011, have passed, with the April 2011 round attracting nearly 2,000 registered cyclists.

Co-founders Patrick and Zach count themselves among the many 30 Days of Biking participants who claim the movement has changed their lives; the pals even have matching calf tattoos, meant to resemble a bike-chain grease stain, of 30 Days of Biking’s xXx logo. The response 30 Days of Biking has received has been staggering. People love bikes and want to ride every day. The movement just gave their desire a name—and a month.

This year’s first round gets started in under three weeks and so far 1,122 have already pledged their involvement. Can the 2,000 total from last April be beaten? Let’s get out and make sure of it.’