Since my last blog, a few things have happened, I started to feel like I was making progress, definitely getting faster, and felt comfortable on longer rides………

Then on a Wednesday afternoon in July, after a long-ish steady away ride with my colleague and friend James Dalton ( Manager of the new Evans cycles cycle point in Leeds) I got hit by a car. My new BMC SLX01 has been left unrideable, and I have ended up quite sore, but I have fought through the pain, and managed 5 1/2 hours of an 8 hour Enduro, and done a few laps at Bontrager 24/12 for Team Mule Bar Strudel. I’m slowly easing my way back in, doing longer rides on the Spark, as it is now my only bike (BMC broken, and Pinnacle sold to fund new BMC ‘cross bike).

I’m really starting to click with this bike, I keep fiddling with the position, as trying to remain comfortable for a 10 hour + ride is paramount, but apart from that, I’ve kept it pretty standard. I’m finding the Scott Twinlock system so natural to use, it makes the bike so fast and efficient, I’m hardly having to change gear on the front (I cant remember the last time I used my granny ring!) using just the the middle ring and the rear cassette, the Twinlock system makes the bike climb so well, on all terrain, and makes the bike feel like it is stuck to the floor, traction is unreal, I’m not fighting with the gears to go fast……….. so much so, im thinking of asking if I can change it to a 1×10 gear system ( using the new 2011 10 speed mtb groupsets), to save some weight, and remove the 2 rings i hardly ever seem to use…..

One thing I have got nailed is Nutrition. I’m lucky enough to represent Mulebar when I race, but I would never do so, if I didn’t like the product, which I don’t, I LOVE it! While at Bontrager, Damo from Mulebar and fellow Strudel, gave me 2 boxes of bars to to use in the run up to Kielder100 and during the event! Cheers Damo! So thats the bars sorted, and I have been getting good results from Clifshot bloks and drinks, and SIS gels, so after throwing in a few savoury treats, my food for the race is done. I’ve got a big block of training to do this week, not long now……….