Today, the 2010 Cycle Show in London opened, though it was a sort of soft-opening: it was open only for trade and press only. The stands were up and running though and we spent the day there to check out the highlights – here’s a quick summary of the best things we’ve seen today.

The biggest star of the show was the legendary Mario Cippollini, one of the greatest sprinters ever. He has recently launched his own bike brand, the criptically named MCippollini and he opened unofficially the event with a short talk on the podium.

Another cycling celebrity was Vin Cox, who has recently circumnavigated the globe on a bike in record time. The world record holder is a humble man but his future plans are anything but humble. He is planning to do a race around the globe next year: ten riders, everybody choses his or her route freely, the fastest is to win. Interesting concept, we are looking forward to the plan coming live.

The last celebrity of the day was The Businessman Formerly Known As Sir Allan. He is known to be a keen cyclist and he seemed to be very interested in a top-end Pinarello, seemingly obvlivious to the massive amount of plebs (i.e. not Lords) who surrounded him and watched the bike-related chat intently.

The Bianchi stand was one of the most colorful one, bike porn at it's best.

Be sure to check out the interactive turbo trainer comp at Sram - you can win a signed Cancellara jersey. All you have to do is to pedal faster than the other 200 visitor. Easy, eh?

And the "Bike with the best colour" award goes to this bike.

I was a bit confused when I saw this ensemble. I didn't really see the connection between the top-of-the-range Trek Madone and the free knog lights when you join CTC. Maybe it's a kind of subliminal messaging: "Join us and you get this bike too, never mind the knog lights"?

Pashleys came in all shapes and forms and they all looked great. Be sure to check out their stand.

This is a brilliant idea: giftwrap for bikes! The actual material is identical to regular giftwrap paper, however, it's large enough to cover a bike completely and there's a smart zip mechanism on the top so you can "close" it neatly. A must if you are planning to gift a bike to your loved ones this Christmas.

Cancellara seemed to be everywhere.

'Cross legend Sven Nys wasn't here but this great photo represented him on the Colnago stand. Be sure to drool over the Colnago Prestige, a cyclo-cross bike, developed with input from Master Nys himself.

Another Specialized world champ (Sam Hill) and his bike.

The Brooks stand offers a nice variety of old-school things, like these wonderful saddles or grips and other items - well worth a visit.

Most nutrition companies have samples on their stands so if you make 20-30 laps around their booths, you can easily cover breakfast and lunch. On a more serious note, I gave Mule Bar's bars and gels a try and while some new flavours are bit too steep to my liking, the cherry ones were pretty convincing.

The custom jersey designing comp seems to attract all age groups.

Stuart, our resident BMX geek told me to keep an eye on the Blank BMX bikes, we going to have massive stocks very soon of these great bikes.

For more info, check out their website:

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