After last year’s successful Staff Show, this year Evans Cycles have decided to pull together many of our partners and distributors and create an informal opportunity for our staff to meet with them, to ask questions about products and last but not least, try out the latest technology and have fun. However, this year, given that many of our partners were going to be there, we decided to organize a Cycle Show that showcases many of our brands and offers an opportunity early in the season to try out many different brands, bikes with different phylosophies and from different price ranges.

Tomorrow (Saturday 19th March) the show opens up to the public and our Ride It! sportive takes place (routes from 10 to 90 miles).  Entry to the show is only £1 and on the day entry to the sportive starts at £10.  You can find out more about the show, the demo bikes and the sportive (and download an on the day entry form) here.

I spent yesterday at the show, snapped quite a few photos and I would like to share the highlights of the show. I arrived at Fairlop station (Central line) a few minutes after 10am and the shuttle van was waiting for me and a couple of other guys from various stores to give us a lift to the venue. After entering the show, I started discovering the tents and started snapping.

Mark Lee, working in our Birmingham store sets up a Fuji for a test ride.

A wide range of Fuji bikes, both road and off road, are available to demo

Eyecandy: BMC has brought 2009 World Champion, Cadel Evans' bike from last year

BMC Marketing Manager, Marcel Emmenegger talks to a staff member to find out what sort of bike he wants to try out.

An experienced Swiss mechanic sets up the BMC Streetracer for the testride.

Trek's road demo fleet consists of many Trek Madone 5.9's

If you want to try out the bike Emily Batty is going to ride this year, pay a visit to Trek's stand and give the Gary Fisher Superfly Elite a spin!

Mule Bar has featured a wide array of flavours, including everyone's favourite, the Apple Strudel variety.

Yesterday was dry but fairly chilly - the Gore Bike Wear guys were happy to lend us something warm if you were cold during the demo rides.

Matt from Osprey showcases a backpack, that not only has a special padded section for notebooks, but has an extra handle on the side, that allows users to hold the bag in a more City-compatible way.

Polar's Julia Robert showed me their new powermeter. It requires a special Look pedal that incorporates the actual power measuring unit, so entire set consists of a pedal and a special transmitter. It should arrive in mid-June and we might get a test unit when it hits the shelves.

Bank robbery gear was also available at the show.

A Kona fixie, kitted out with BrevM gear.

White stems are sooo 2010, the red Ritchey WCS stem is THE stem to have in 2011.

I wasn't aware of MemoryMap's iPhone app, but it is very nifty. For a certain credit, you can download a certain amount of maps as and when needed and can use your phone as a navigation device with proper OS maps.

The full Fulcrum road wheel range

Want to walk in Cancellara's shoes? Then check out these Northwave disco slippers, they are going to be worn by Team Leopard this year.

This is Eddy Merckx bike a replica of the bikes the Quickstep team is riding this year

A brand new USB connector will allow you to charge your phone or GPS device from your Exposure light, which might come handy on a multi-day trip where you can't find a power socket to recharge your gadgets.

A rear light, developped with triathletes in mind: if your bike has got a aero seatpost that wouldn't accomodate regular light mount, this little addition allows you to fasten it to the seat rails, thus keeping you safe and visible during late hour rides.

Mavic wheels on display

The Mavic Avenir road shoes will be very popular with the sub £100 pricetag.

Fox candy and clothes

The Helly Hanses guys

Specialized test bikes - road and off road bikes are all available

Lunch at the Genesis tent - everybody seemed to appreciate the meatballs.

Disc brakes and hub gears: the future of 'cross? We shall see in the coming years but the Geneses Day 1 Alfine was definitely convincing.

I was blown away by these women specific bikes at the Scott stand! A brilliant colour combination that definitely stands out but it's not something we have seen before. It's a weird colour combination, I guess it's either you love it or hate it. For me, it's definitely the former. While these are women specific bikes, the frames are exactly the same frames they use for the regular bikes, it's the accessories that are different, so swapping bits and bobs around would allow any brave man to ride one of these bikes comfortably. I, for one, am definitely tempted!

The GT Zaskar was THE object of desire when I started mountain bike and I was happy to see that it's still a great bike - the GT triangle design brought back so many old memories...

The Charge bikes proved to be very popular.

Winner of the "Coolest stem" award on the Cannondale Scalpel.

A wide variety of candy was available at the Kansi stand - the colours matched the well designed folding bikes.

Cool Rock Shox fork leg art.

The second place in the "Coolest stem" award goes to Look!

Staff member enjoying the off road course.

Staff member enjoying the off road course.

Staff member enjoying the off road course.

A kind of ebony and ivory situation is going on here.

BMC's Marcel Emmenegger in the saddle of a BMC Trailfox TF01.

Nick Craig was setting bikes up all day long at the Scott stand, answered many questions and when the end of the day came, he jumped on his bike and rode a couple of laps at impressive speeds!